After already announcing music sharing deals with Universal Music Group, Sony/ATV and Global Music Rights this year, Facebook has now added another music partnership, this time with Warner Music, home to huge collection of tracks from some of the world’s biggest artists.
Snapchat has temporarily removed its Giphy GIF sticker feature after a user saw an extremely racist GIF as an option.
Twitter analytics tool Followerwonk shared an interesting data point yesterday – one worthy of extra attention.

Twitter is deleting/suspending accounts at an unprecedented rate. In the past 30 days we have detected:

‣ 2.18 million new accounts
‣ 3.18 million deleted/suspended

We've never seen a net loss over 30 days, before.
This week, YouTube has announced a range of updates for their live-stream offering – and interestingly, YouTube’s live video efforts are being assisted by former Facebook Live engineer Vadim Lavrusik.

Here’s what’s been announced.

First, YouTube’s adding the capacity to watch not only live replays, but accompanying replays of the live chat as it happened, alongside the video.
The bot problem is particularly prevalent on Twitter - as highlighted in a recent report from The New York Times, many Twitter users have paid to inflate their numbers, and have then used those higher audience counts as leverage to help them generate income, framing themselves as ‘influencers’ and people of importance, all through artificial means.

The high profile nature of that investigation seems to have pushed Twitter into action, with the platform announcing a range of new and revised rules around how their platform/s can be used, in order to curb such tactics – here’s what’s been anno
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A study done by Spanish researchers has found that Facebook stores personally identifiable data on 73% of its EU users, which is 40% of Europeans.
Are you looking for ways to increase engagement on Instagram? Want to know the popular hashtags that will get your posts noticed?

We share 266 business hashtags that can expand your reach on Instagram in this infographic.
While the debate over whether or not it’s good for kids to use social media platforms rages on, Facebook is expanding access to its new Messenger Kids app, making it available on Android devices in the U.S. via the Google Play Store.

The Android release comes amid controversy on two fronts for the youth-focused app.

On one side, more than 100 child development experts recently contributed to an open letter which calls on Facebook to shut down Messenger Kids, warning that the app is 'harmful to children and teens', and 'could undermine children’s healthy development'.
As Pinterest continues to evolve its search tools and boost its core functionality, it’s also working to provide more presentation options to make it easier for users to display their Pin content how they’d like.

Last November, Pinterest added new board ‘Sections’, which enables users to divide their boards into specific sub-groupings within the main topic. Now, Pinterest’s adding a range of new tools along similar lines, giving you more ways to customize your Pin set-up.

The first new option is the ability to archive your old Pinterest boards, which not only enables you to clean up your
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Pinterest profile presentation, but will also help in improving the relevance of your recommended Pins.
After Snap Inc. reported better than expected Q4 results earlier this week, Twitter has also beaten expectations with their latest numbers. Well, mostly – Twitter’s user growth problems returned, with another flat result – but the data from their ad business looks solid.
Instagram has updated its app to send notifications to users anytime someone screenshots their Stories – but you can still hide it.
After failing to live up to expectations in their first few earnings reports, analysts had been expecting more of the same from Snap for their Q4 numbers. But the formerly ephemeral content app surprised everyone with solid increases in both users and revenue - maybe not quite enough to say the app is fully back on track, and will be able to fend off continually increasing competition from Facebook, but the figures definitely show positive signs.

First off on users – Snapchat added 8.9 million more daily actives to take its total audience to 187 million.
The head of Twitter's AR/VR team announced today via a tweet that he is leaving the social media site after 18 months. Alessandro Sabatelli joined Twitter in June of 2016 after leaving a virtual reality startup he led which created music-focused VR experiences. Sabatelli had previously worked as a designer at Apple. We’ve reached out to Sabatelli for more details on what he’s up to next.
Instagram is more than just a mobile photo and video sharing social network, it provides a perfect opportunity for businesses to reveal insights into the core of their brand identity in a visual, creative and engaging way.

Instagram is the fastest growing of the big social media platforms, with 800 million users more than 25 million active business profiles and two million advertisers.

Making an Instagram account is easy, but growing your account to a successful level takes a little longer and requires some work. In this post, we'll look at some of the best ways on to build a successful
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Instagram account, and boost your performance in 2018.
Last weekend, The New York Times ran an extensive investigative report about the companies that sell Twitter followers and retweets, and the people who buy them. Those people are often famous already: The Times story opens with geometrically fractured portraits of the model Kathy Ireland, the athlete Ray Lewis, and the actor John Leguizamo. They are presented like modern mugshots of fraudsters caught in the act.

The report exposes Twitter as willfully duplicitous to users, advertisers, and investors—revelations that could (and should) harm the company’s value and reputation. But it also tak
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es for granted that “real” followers are just and valuable. The problem with Twitter—and with social media in general—isn’t that the influence can be faked. It’s that it is seen to have so much significance in the first place.
Facebook announced on January 11 that it would change its News Feed algorithm to prioritize posts from friends and family over public content. Say goodbye to never-ending sponsored posts from Tasty, CNN, and other brands that have embraced the platform. Time to say hello to more personal posts featuring commenting and sharing from your friends. Sounds like the original version of Facebook, no?
Whatever Mark Zuckerberg says about human community or his legacy, his company is acting in its own interests—and against the public good.

Facebook’s crushing blow to independent media arrived last fall in Slovakia, Cambodia, Guatemala, and three other nations.

The social giant removed stories by these publishers from users’ news feeds, hiding them in a new, hard-to-find stream. These independent publishers reported that they lost as much as 80 percent of their audience during this experiment.

Facebook doesn’t care. At least, it usually seems that way.
Twitter Inc is working on a Snapchat-style tool that makes it simpler for users to post videos on its app, Bloomberg reported on Thursday, citing people familiar with the matter.
YouTube is to spend more than $5m funding creators on the video-sharing website who “counter hate and promote tolerance”, as Google faces continued political pressure to do more to tackle extremism.

The money will be allocated to the company’s Creators for Change programme, a collective of more than 100 YouTubers that was created “to encourage empathy and understanding around the world”.
Is your Instagram account a ghost town? Do your posts tumble past your followers sight unseen? Are you haunted by the success of your competitors’ Instagram accounts?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time for an intervention. Or an Insta-vention, if you will.

Here are 11 picture-perfect Instagram post ideas from local Arizona business, Fluff It Marshmallows, that’ll keep your followers interested and turn your account into a valuable and profitable marketing tool for your small business.
Mark Zuckerberg promised to spend 2018 fixing Facebook. Last week, he addressed Facebook making you feel bad. Now he’s onto fake news.
Researchers are investigating whether social media addiction constitutes a mental disorder. Is this a moral panic or food for thought?

Describing yourself as ‘a social media addict’ doesn’t usually inspire concern from other people. In fact, it’s frequently included in bio descriptions on Twitter and Instagram. Decorate your LinkedIn profile with such a claim and you may even find yourself receiving interest from media and publishing companies searching for a savvy digital native. But imagine if, one day, it’s not an accolade or joke at all – but a psychiatrist’s diagnosis?

Social media
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addiction has been a much-flouted term lately; maybe it’s because it’s January and users are looking to be more active and spend less time online, or maybe that’s because social media can have a negative impact on our mental well-being. But a growing body of research is seriously considering whether problematic and excessive social media usage could be pathological and, in turn, designated as a mental health disorder.
LinkedIn first notes that they’ll soon be removing support for their LinkedIn Groups iOS app.

“…that app will stop working as of February 15 2018. But please know that your existing group memberships and contributions will not be affected as part of that change.”

LinkedIn then goes on to note that they’ll be adding in some new Group features.
Instagram is now displaying your activity status to everyone who uses direct messages. The good thing about the new addition is that Instagram has given users the option to opt-out from having their activity status visible to everyone.
The biggest social media marketing news of the very new year, thus far, has been Facebook’s announcement that they’ll be implementing changes to their News Feed algorithm which will put increased emphasis on person-to-person interactions over person-to-Page engagement. In other words, the reach of Facebook Page posts is going to go down, even further than it already has.
Microsoft has partnered with Signal, the secure messaging app that counts whistleblower Edward Snowden among its fans, to add end-to-encryption to Skype.
The WEF has revealed a list of 14 books recommended by two Davos regulars: none other than Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. See the list here.
Facebook’s testing a new section called ‘Today in…’ which will highlight the top news stories, events and announcements in your vicinity. Facebook’s trialing the new option in six U.S. cities (New Orleans, Little Rock, Billings, Peoria, Olympia, and Binghamton) – users in these regions will soon see a prompt like the first image in the above sequence alerting them to the option.

Once you click through, you’ll see dedicated listings of local events, news and Facebook groups, which is in line with Facebook’s wider push on Groups as a means to facilitate community engagement.
Research suggests that some 94% of recruiters now use LinkedIn to vet potential candidates for a position.

Is your profile likely to stand out and make a recruiter remember you?

In order to ensure your LinkedIn profile best represents your professional expertise, this infographic from Bellvue Students outlines the key elements of your LinkedIn presence, and how to optimize them to best effect.
Instagram's currently the fastest growing social network, having gone from 600 million to 800 million active users in the past 12 months – and that’s before you consider the rising use of Instagram Stories (now up to 300 million daily active users).

But with increased attention comes equivalent interest from brands, which means that while there are now more people to reach on the platform, and more ways to do so, you’re also going to be competing with other brands for space, and attention within the Instagram feed.

Are you looking to put more focus on Instagram in 2018? If you are, here
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are five tips to help optimize your Instagram presence, and ensure you make the most of your opportunities on the platform.