Tossing some chicken on the grill is an easy dinner solution just about any night of the week throughout the summer months. But once you've got that covered, how do you round things out in order to call it dinner? A simple side or two should do the job and satisfy the crowd. We gathered some of our most favorite recipes to serve alongside grilled chicken, all of which are no sweat to prepare. From flavor-packed salads to crisp and caramelized grilled vegetables, here are our 17 of our best.

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The air duct is a crucial component of your heating and cooling system. But sad to say, this is also one of most neglected features especially when it comes to maintenance. And as the system ages, leaks and cracks can develop which can greatly affect the performance of your HVAC system. It is hard to know if leaks are present in your air ducts and to help you decide if you need an immediate duct r
If I could pick just one dessert to eat every day for the rest of my life, it would be this. Bold statement, I know, but it's worthy of it. This is the dessert I turn to 365 days a year, whether I'm inviting a couple of friends over for dinner or it's simply Monday and I feel like something sweet.

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