I used to buy and sell stocks often. Over time, though, I found that frequent trading in and out of stocks hurt my overall returns. In retrospect, I would have been better off holding on to stocks longer. So now I typically hang onto stocks for at least a few years and sell only when I think the underlying reasons I bought a stock in the first place have changed.

My reason for telling you all this is that this approach requires me to be very picky about the stocks that I buy. I like a lot of stocks, but I can't afford to invest in all of them. My portfolio currently primarily includes large-cap stocks. The greatest winners, though, tend to be stocks with smaller valuations that have a lot of room to grow.

There's one stock in particular that I have my eyes on right now. It's relatively small, is generating fantastic growth, and appears to have a huge runway for even more growth. If I could buy only one stock, it would be MongoDB (NASDAQ:MDB). Here's why.


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