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A final trailer has dropped for ‘The Predator’ just weeks before its release. The movie is directed by Shane Black (from a script he wrote with Fred Dekker) and features a cast that includes Boyd Holbrook, Sterling K. Brown (‘Black Panther’), Alfie Allen, Thomas Jane, Olivia Munn, Jake Busey, Jacob Tremblay (‘Room’), Trevante Rhodes and Keegan Michael-Key.

In a paper published in 2016, researchers suggested that in the 1960s, the sugar industry paid scientists to obscure the relationship between sugar and heart disease, derailing the course of nutrition science and policy for years to come. Two researchers at Columbia University say that those claims are not backed by the historical evidence.
Kevin De Bruyne believes Alexis Sanchez would "add something to the team" if he joined Manchester City.
Baia was the Las Vegas of the Roman Empire – the place where the rich and powerful came to carry out their illicit affairs.
The Lakers are the only team using their city-edition unis to honor franchise legends. For the first edition, they called in the Black Mamba.