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A weeklong holiday for Chinese markets meant investors had an entire five days of news and data to digest in just one session, including an escalation of the trade war between China and the US.

If you go to a chain restaurant, you normally expect the food to be at least OK.

A woman was shocked when she went to Pizza Express and ordered a vegan pizza off the menu - only to be confronted with a 'shameful' excuse for a meal.

Mary Nesbitt-Larking was at the branch in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, last month when she was told the kitchen had run out of vegan cheese.

She received what has been branded as a 'monstrosity' of a pizza - and uploaded a snap of the sorry looking meal to Facebook, where her friends were stunned.
Only 12 percent say poor families have benefited a lot from his policies, according to recent survey.
A University of Oklahoma astrophysics team has discovered for the first time a population of planets beyond the Milky Way galaxy. Using microlensing—an astronomical phenomenon and the only known method capable of discovering planets at truly great distances from the Earth among other detection techniques—OU researchers were able to detect objects in extragalactic galaxies that range from the mass of the Moon to the mass of Jupiter.
Mark Cuban has had quite the successful run in the tech industry, successfully starting and selling businesses at the opportune time and using his profits to invest in the next big thing.

Thus far, the entrepreneur and tech expert has been hesitant to mark Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as that “big thing.” Over the years, Cuban has come around on the concept somewhat but—despite the recent announcement that his Dallas Mavericks will accept cryptocurrency as payment for tickets next year—has maintained a level of skepticism.


Showing just have far Cuban has come on bitcoin and cr
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yptocurrency, he announced earlier this week that his Dallas Mavericks will accept bitcoin and Ethereum as a method to pay for tickets starting next season. Even if the tech investor doesn’t fully believe in cryptocurrency, he’s clearly willing to try to profit off it—an approach that likely helped him become such a success in the first place.