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Juventus and Real Madrid are meeting again in the knock out stage of the Champions League in a rematch of last year's final. After eliminating Tottenham Hotspur in Round of 16 Juventus will try to take revenge for the 1-4 loss in Cardiff, but the european champions know how to survive after big matches. They proved it in the previous round by knocking out Paris Saint Germain!

The other great match of the quarterfinals is the english battle between Liverpool and Manchester City. The Citizens are on the top of Premier League table and look like favorites, but Liverpool has the european mental
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ity needed, to eliminate them. After all, they have eliminated 2 times an english club before, Chelsea!

Barcelona and Bayern Munich are big favorites against Roma and Sevilla respectively.

Facebook has booted Cambridge Analytica, a data firm once hired by President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, and its UK-based parent company SCL Group after it allegedly received user data improperly downloaded and shared by a University of Cambridge professor.
Asia is a melting pot of cultures, culinary creations, craft, languages and is filled with hidden gems. So we've put together an in exhausti...
This study, plus an earlier on in Israel, bolsters anecdotal evidence that in states where marijuana is legal, opioid overdoses decline.
Do you want to travel to affordable places? If yes, these are the 10 cheapest countries to visit!
He secures an expected fourth term as leader, exit polls say, with no serious challenger in the race.
Democrats and other Trump administration critics on Saturday attacked the firing of No. 2 FBI official Andrew McCabe as a politically motivated and vindictive move, while some Republicans praised U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions for decisive action.
Amazon Japan was raided Thursday by business watchdog agency the Japan Fair Trade Commission on suspicions of anti-competitive practices.
Britain agreed to a potentially unpalatable deal to avoid a "hard border" for Northern Ireland on Monday to win agreement from the European Union that it would retain most EU benefits for nearly two years after Brexit.
Chinese President Xi Jinping warned self-ruled Taiwan on Tuesday that it will face the "punishment of history" for any attempt at separatism, offering his strongest warning yet to the island claimed by China as its sacred territory.
The US president and Japanese PM agree maximum pressure will be kept on North Korea.
The Philadelphia 76ers entered the postseason unproven but on a hot streak. They passed their first test with an impressive home win against the Miami Heat.
The latest controversies of social networks Facebook and Twitter are easily the most heated in their entire 12-14 year history — not just because of their suspect role in enabling interference in the 2016 election, but because by now, nearly all of us are users. If history is any guide, however, this outrage likely won’t last.

Apple’s new iPhone SE is shaping up to be the biggest upgrade the smallest, most affordable iPhone has seen in years. Alongside more powerful internals, the 4-inch device is expected to come with a tweaked design that makes way for one of iPhone X’s best features.
Facebook has another change in the works to respond to the European Union’s beefed up data protection framework — and this one looks intended to shrink its legal liabilities under GDPR, and at scale. Late yesterday Reuters reported on a change incoming to Facebook’s T&Cs that …
How the US, UK and France attack on suspected chemical weapons facilities unfolded.
Even if you don't use PayPal to send money to friends, there's a good chance you've reached for their checkout button in online stores, which is tied to all of...
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has confirmed he will step down from his role at the end of the season.
Would being asked to pay Facebook to remove ads make you appreciate their value or resent them even more? As Facebook considers offering an ad-free subscription option, there are deeper questions than how much money it could earn. Facebook has the opportunity to let us decide how we compensate it f…
Trump tells Russia to "get ready" for Syria missiles, in response to alleged chemical attack.
If you're planning a road trip this summer, prepare to spend more than you have before.
Record exports trimmed the U.S. trade deficit in March, the first drop in seven months in a massive gap that President Donald Trump is determined to shrink with an aggressive America first policy.
Ralf Rangnick is on Arsenal's list of candidates to replace Arsene Wenger as manager, Sky Sports News understands.
French president calls for defence of European liberal democracy in face of illiberalism and nationalism
President Donald Trump on Friday said the date and location have been set for a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, building suspense for the unprecedented talks, as South Korea said it would oppose a withdrawal of U.S. troops from the area.
Over the course of their careers, biologists develop a huge mental library of cell structures and their corresponding data. Investigating specific areas of a living cell involves a piecemeal approach, identifying how some parts work with others and spending time on cell labelling. But now, the Allen Institute for Cell Science has launched the first predictive 3D model of a live human cell -- the Allen Integrated Cell -- and it could be "a total game changer", according to researchers.
A new breakthrough at the University of Colorado is the latest advance in the burgeoning realm of anti-aging science, demonstrating how a chemically altered nutritional supplement may well reverse aging of the blood vessels, in turn giving cardiovascular health a vital boost. ​
Get a recap of the Philadelphia 76ers vs. Miami Heat basketball game.
ALGIERS, Algeria (AP) — A military plane carrying soldiers and their families crashed soon after takeoff in a farm field in northern Algeria on Wednesday, killing 257 people in wh