Riverside County officials shared disturbing details of the 13 Turpin siblings, who were held captive and starving in their Perrin home.

If they misbehaved, the 13 siblings living in a Southern California home would be tied to their beds as punishment — first with ropes, until a child whose limbs were strung together was able to wriggle free. Then, the parents began using chains and padlocks, officials said.
Half of the 14,000 people who crossed into Canada without authorization in the first nine months of 2017 were from Haiti. The end of protected status in the U.S. for Haitians is driving a new surge.
Rail and air traffic in Germany have slowly resumed after a winter storm with hurricane-force winds slammed into western Europe. Several people were killed by falling trees and dangerous road conditions due to the storm.
An investigation is underway in California after 13 siblings -- ages 2 to 29 -- were allegedly held captive in a home, some "shackled to their beds with chains and padlocks," the Riverside County Sheriff's Department said in a news release.

Parents David Allen Turpin, 57, and Louise Anna Turpin, 49, were arrested in the alleged torture and child endangerment case in Perris, California, about 27 miles south of San Bernardino.

The investigation began early-Sunday morning when a 17-year-old girl apparently escaped from the home and called 911, saying her 12 brothers and sisters were still being held captive there, the sheriff's office said.

Responding officers said the teen "appeared to be only 10 years old and slightly emaciated."
Prominent Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic has been shot and killed in the ex-Serbian province of Kosovo, as delegations from Belgrade and Pristina were set to meet in Brussels. The police are looking for the attackers.
At least 10 construction workers died and several were injured after a partially-constructed bridge in central Colombia collapsed on Monday.

The laborers were working on the bridge's drainage system when the incident occurred. The victims fell 280 meters (920 feet) into a ravine in Chirajara about 95 kilometers (60 miles) from the Colombian capital of Bogota.

Nine of the workers were killed immediately and a tenth worker died of his injuries in a nearby hospital. Several laborers were injured and eleven are reportedly missing.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has sharply criticized the US for trying to dismantle the Iran nuclear deal. Washington is still using ultimatums and failing to recognize the emerging "multipolar world," he said.
The five-word proclamation appeared as a projection above the entryway at Washington, D.C.'s Trump International Hotel on Saturday night. The projection also included an arrow pointing directly at the hotel's entrance and a crowd of poop emoji.
The Palestinian president calls Donald Trump's Middle East peace efforts the "slap of the century".

At a meeting of Palestinian leaders, he stressed he would not accept any peace plan from the US after it recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

He also accused Israel itself of putting an end to the Oslo Accords, which began the peace process in 1995.
A 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck near the coast of Peru early Sunday, leaving at least one person dead and causing damages and power outages.

The epicenter was 42 kilometers (26 miles) south-southwest of the small town Acari in the Arequipa district, with the earthquake hitting at 0918 GMT (4:18 a.m. EST) at a depth of 12.1 kilometers (about 7.5 miles).
The Sanchi goes down a week after a collision with a cargo ship, claiming 32 lives.
Czech President Milos Zeman failed to win re-election during the first round of a presidential election Saturday and will face a runoff in two weeks against the former head of the country’s Academy of Sciences.

Zeman and Jiri Drahos advanced to a second round of voting because none of the nine candidates seeking the Czech Republic’s largely ceremonial presidency received a majority of votes in the first round held Friday and Saturday.

However, with almost all ballots counted by the Czech Statistics Office, Zeman had 38.6 percent of the vote, a commanding lead over Drahos’ 26.6 percent.
A Los Angeles man was charged with a Kansas man’s death after making a false report to police in December.
South African police have used rubber bullets to disperse a mob trashing H&M stores in and around Johannesburg, after the brand used a controversial picture of a black child.

The protests were organised by the radical Economic Freedom Fighters' party (EFF).

H&M apologised several days ago for the image, which ran on its website.

It featured a young black boy modelling a green hoodie with "coolest monkey in the jungle" written on it.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Saturday was beginning a speech on gender equality to the Fabian Society — a democratic socialist think tank — when right-wing protesters stood from the crowd and said they had arrived to “make a non-violent, peaceful citizen’s arrest.”
After months of trying to get Trump on side, Canada ‘drops the gloves’ by filing trade complaint – but will the decision merely inflame economic tensions?

The charm offensive was already under way before Donald Trump moved into the White House. By inauguration, Justin Trudeau’s top advisers had fostered close contacts with Trump’s inner circle, setting the stage for a Washington visit peppered with smiles, handshakes and photo ops.

But this week relations between Canada and the US seemingly struck a different note, as news broke that Ottawa had launched an all-out trade war against Washington.

In a wide-ranging complaint, filed in December and made public on Wednesday by the World Trade Organization, Canada has taken aim at Washington’s use of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties. The complaint listed nearly 200 cases spanning two decades, alleging wrongdoing not only against Canada but dozens of other countries, such as Brazil, China and India.
The former spokesman for the U.S. National Security Council under former President Barack Obama lashed out over a recent report from a Kuwaiti newspaper about how the Obama administration prevented Israel from assassinating a man with strong ties to terrorism by warning Iran about their plans.
Chinese ships are racing to clean up a giant oil spill after an Iranian tanker sank in the East China Sea.

Fuel from the Sanchi has spread over more than 100 sq km and could badly damage marine life.

It was carrying 136,000 tonnes of ultra-light crude oil from Iran which generates a toxic underwater slick that would be invisible from the surface.

Both the fuel and the ultra-light oil could cause devastating damage to marine life.
The plight of a rural child of migrant workers reignites discussion about the poor.
Protesters marched for a second day Thursday in the Pakistani city of Kasur over the rape and murder of a seven-year-old girl whose body was found dumped on a garbage pile.
Ecuador has granted citizenship to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has been living in asylum at the nation's embassy in London for more than five years.
Ten crews are fighting the fire and trains have stopped running in and out of Nottingham station after the fire broke out at about 06:30 GMT.

Flames have been seen and smoke has filled the station's foyer. The building has been evacuated and trains have been stopped from entering and leaving all platforms.

Fire officers said the "fully developed fire" is in the main concourse of the station and has spread to the roof.

A cordon has been put in place outside the building and around Carrington Street.
Hundreds of passengers spent a cramped and uncomfortable night and much of Friday morning stuck on a crowded train trapped by heavy snow at a railroad crossing not far from a station in northern Japan, an official said.
President Donald Trump reportedly lashed out in a Thursday meeting with lawmakers about immigration reform, demanding to know why the US should accept citizens from what he called “shithole” countries. The comments, first reported by The Washington Post, sparked anger among Democrats and Republicans and revived questions about Trump’s tendency to make racially charged remarks. …
Switzerland on Wednesday banned restaurants from throwing live lobsters into boiling water as part of a broader reform of the country's animal welfare regulations.

Lobsters and other crustaceans "will now have to be stunned before they are put to death," the government said in a ruling that will enter into force on March 1.
JEDDAH: A Saudi private company on Thursday opened the first car showroom for women only just five months before a decision allowing females to drive takes effect. The showroom was opened in a shopping mall in the western Red Sea port city of Jeddah to allow women the freedom to choose their own cars before they hit the road. In a historic decision late last year, King Salman gave Saudi women the right to drive, abolishing an almost three-decade ban based on religious reasons.
Chancellor Merkel's party reaches agreement on key sticking points with the Social Democrats.
Bats are falling out of the trees due to a heatwave in Australia, with 100,000 flying foxes estimated to have died over the weekend.
A Cochise County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman declined to characterize the incident as a suicide but said investigators were not looking for a suspect.
Norishige Kanai says he is worried he will not be able fit in his Soyuz seat for the return to Earth.
Iranian security forces arrested some 3,700 people during widespread protests and unrest over the past two weeks, a lawmaker said Tuesday, offering a far higher number than authorities previously released.

The demonstrations, which began Dec. 28 over economic grievances, quickly spread across the country to become the largest seen in Iran since the disputed 2009 presidential election. Some protesters called for the overthrow of the government, and at least 21 people were killed in clashes.
AMMAN: Jordan said on Monday it had foiled a Daesh plot that included plans for a series of attacks last November on security installations, shopping malls and moderate religious figures, state media reported. State news agency Petra said the country's intelligence department had arrested 17 members of the cell and confiscated weapons and explosives that the militant group had planned to use in the operation, in which it says media organizations and moderate clerics were among would-be targets.
New York firefighters have been called to Trump Tower in Manhattan after a fire broke out on the building's lower roof. Two people were reportedly injured in the blaze.
Nearly 200,000 people from El Salvador who have been allowed to live in the United States for more than a decade must leave the country, government officials announced Monday. It is the Trump administration’s latest reversal of years of immigration policies and one of the most consequential to date.

Homeland security officials said that they were ending a humanitarian program, known as Temporary Protected Status, for Salvadorans who have been allowed to live and work legally in the United States since a pair of devastating earthquakes struck their country in 2001.
Brexit secretary tells May it is damaging UK business interests but Brussels says it is just preparing for worst-case scenario
The EU Commission chief says he believes the UK is on course to leave the bloc.
A resistance group in Myanmar claimed responsibility on Sunday for an ambush of government forces in Rakhine State that left three people wounded, saying it had no choice but to defend the Rohingya from “state-sponsored terrorism.”

In a statement posted on Twitter, Atta Ullah, who identifies himself as commander of the rebel group, the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, said the attack on Friday morning in Maungdaw had been staged in response to efforts by Myanmar’s security forces to drive the Rohingya, a Muslim minority in a Buddhist-majority country, from the area.
A state of emergency was declared Saturday in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte as its police approached the third week of a strike that has led to an large increase in violent crimes.
John Young, NASA’s longest-serving astronaut, who flew in space six times, walked on the moon and commanded the first space shuttle flight, has died aged 87.

NASA said Young passed away at his home in Houston, Texas on Friday night (Jan. 5) following complications from pneumonia.

In a career spanning three generations and as many NASA space programs, Young flew twice to the Moon, walked on its surface and flew the first Space Shuttle mission.
Human Rights Watch says Israel has revoked the residency papers of at least 14,595 Palestinians in East Jerusalem since Israel captured the territory from Jordan in 1967.
Snow melt in the Alps and volatile weather patterns have caused rivers across Germany to break their banks. Europe's most important shipping routes have been closed off to traffic, with some locals facing evacuation.
Fire crews are tackling a large blaze at the University of Bristol.

The university said everyone had been accounted for after the fire took hold at its Fry Building, which has been undergoing refurbishment.

A number of study areas were evacuated, the university library tweeted.

Several roads around the campus have been closed, including Park Row and Woodland Road, and police are at the scene.
Saudi authorities made a fresh round of arrests of royal-family members as a group of princes staged a protest at the royal palace over the non-payment of their electricity and water bills, Okaz newspaper reported.
The arctic blast, forecast to maintain its icy grip into the weekend, has been linked to 19 deaths.
This powerful storm was created by a cold jet stream colliding with warm air over the Atlantic. It is similar to Superstorm Sandy but is likely to cause less damage.
From Athens to Sydney and from Dubai to Rio de Janeiro see how people celebrated the New Year's Eve!
A suicide bomber has killed at least 11 people at a mosque in northeastern Nigeria, near the border with Cameroon. The attack comes as Boko Haram militants step up their campaign of violence in the region.
JEDDAH: Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University (PNU) in Riyadh on Monday started accepting driving instructor applications. Females from all over the Kingdom come to the PNU, the largest university for women in the world, to pursue their studies. As such, it has established a driving academy on its campus that will provide theoretical education and practical training. “We’ve just begun to accept instructors’ registrations through our website,” the general supervisor for media management at the PNU, Amani Al-Hammad, told Arab News.
North Korea is hacking for a new purpose, alleges its Southern counterpart.

North Korean hackers known as Andariel breached a server at a company in South Korea to steal 70 Monero coins last summer, Bloomberg reported Tuesday, citing analysis from the South Korean government. The coins, supported by musicians such as Mariah Carey and Fall Out Boy, are valued at a total of $25,000 (£18,440 or AU$31,880).
The aircraft is totally submerged and casualties reportedly include an 11-year-old boy and four Britons.
A Hawaiian Airlines flight left New Zealand in 2018 and arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii in 2017.

The flight technically left Auckland at 12:05 am on January 1st, before arriving in Honolulu at 9:45 am December 31st, having crossed multiple time zones.
South Korean authorities have seized a Panama-flagged vessel suspected of transferring oil products to North Korea in violation of international sanctions, a customs official said on Sunday.
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Police are trying to learn what motivated a partner in a law firm to shoot two of his colleagues before turning the gun on himself.

A SWAT team arrived at an office building in Long Beach on Friday to find the gunman and one victim dead and learned that the second victim had gone to a hospital, police Sgt. Brad Johnson said at a news conference.

The Los Angeles County coroner's office identified the victim on Saturday as Major Langer, 75, of Rolling Hills and the suspected gunman as John Mendoza, 58, of Redondo Beach.
Street protests hit Iran for a third day running on Saturday, spreading to the capital Tehran with crowds confronting police and attacking some state buildings, and a social media report said two demonstrators had been shot dead in a provincial town.
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea said Saturday that it will never give up its nuclear weapons as long as the United States and its allies continue their “blackmail and war drills” at its doorstep.

The North’s official Korean Central News Agency took the oft-repeated stance as it reviewed the country’s major nuclear weapons and missile tests this year.

North Korea conducted its most powerful nuclear test to date in September and launched three intercontinental ballistic missiles into the sea in July and November, indicating that it is closer than ever to gaining a nuclear arsenal that could viably target the mainland United States.
Twelve people were killed, including an infant, and four were critically injured on Thursday in a fire that swept through several floors of an apartment building in the New York City borough of the Bronx, Mayor Bill de Blasio said.
Unicef says children in conflict zones are being targeted in homes, schools and playgrounds.
One person is said to be in serious condition after an explosion at a popular store in St Petersburg.One person is said to be in serious condition following the detonation of an improvised explosive device (IED), the city governor's office said.

The incident, which occurred at the supermarket chain Perekryostok late on Wednesday, is being investigated as an attempted murder, officials said.

However they added that nothing had been ruled out following the incident.

Russia's investigative committee said that the blast was caused by a device containing "striking" elements with a force similar to that created by the detonation of about 200g (7oz) of TNT explosive.

It took place in an area of the shop that housed lockers for storing bags.
Aung San Suu Kyi avoided discussing reports of Rohingya women and girls being raped by Myanmar troops and police when she met a senior UN official, according to an internal memo seen by the Guardian.

Pramila Patten, the special envoy on sexual violence in conflict, travelled to the country for a four-day visit in mid-December to raise the crisis with government officials.

But she said Aung San Suu Kyi, a state counsellor in the Myanmar government, refused to engage in “any substantive discussion” of reports that soldiers, border guard police and Rakhine Buddhist militias carried out “widespread and systematic” sexual violence in northern Rakhine state.
Aid workers have begun evacuating more than two dozen critically ill patients from a besieged rebel-held Damascus suburb, amid mounting international pressure on the Syrian regime to ensure medical care for hundreds who need urgent treatment.
The Royal Navy says Russian naval activity through or near UK waters rose in the UK holiday period.
It ploughed into a subway entrance, leaving at least four people dead, Russian media say.
Europe didn't head into 2017 under the best circumstances. Brexit was still relatively new and troubling, Italy's oldest bank had just collapsed, and a series of upcoming elections were making investors nervous. Twelve months later, the success of Europe's economy this year has been such a standout surprise it's even been enjoying its own hashtag: #euroboom....
ISTANBUL: Russia, Turkey and Iran have reaffirmed their “strong and continued commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic”. The three nations issued the statement giving their support after the Astana summit on Dec. 21-23. As the Russian Foreign Ministry is currently preparing a list of participants to attend a peace congress in Sochi on Jan. 29-30, it also stated that the congress would not be a platform for those wanting the removal of Syrian President Bashar Assad.
The US Department of Defense has announced that Boeing has been awarded a $6.2bn contract to manufacture 36 F-15 fighter jets for Qatar's air force.

The multi-role aircraft are to be delivered at the end of 2022 and will be built by the aerospace giant in St. Louis, in the US state of Missouri, the Pentagon said on Friday.
JERUSALEM (AP) — It was a subdued Christmas Eve in the historic birthplace of Jesus on Sunday, with spirits dampened by recent violence sparked by President Donald Trump's recognition of nearby Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Crowds were thinner than previous years, with visitors deterred by clashes that have broken out in recent weeks between Palestinian protesters and Israeli forces. Although there was no violence Sunday, Palestinian officials scaled back the celebrations in protest. Cool weather, and a rainy forecast, also weighed on the holiday cheer.

Claire Degout, a tourist from France, said she would not allow Trump’s pronouncement, which has infuriated the Palestinians and drawn widespread international opposition, affect her decision to celebrate Christmas in the Holy Land.

“The decision of one man cannot affect all the Holy Land,” she said. “Jerusalem belongs to everybody, you know, and it will be always like that, whatever Trump says.”

Trump abando
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ned decades of U.S. policy on Dec. 6 by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and saying he would move the American Embassy to the holy city.

Trump said the move merely recognizes the fact that Jerusalem already serves as Israel’s capital and that he was not prejudging negotiations on the city’s final borders. But Palestinians, who seek Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem as their capital, saw the declaration as unfairly siding with Israel. Last week, the U.N. General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to reject Trump’s decision.

The announcement triggered weeks of unrest in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, including near-daily clashes in Bethlehem, which lies just south of Jerusalem.

By midafternoon, hundreds of people had gathered in Manger Square near the city’s main Christmas for celebrations, greeted by bagpipe-playing young Palestinian marching bands and scout troops. Accompanying the decorations was a large banner protesting Trump’s Jerusalem declaration.
Egyptian security forces on Sunday killed nine suspected militants in a shootout in the Nile Delta province of Sharqiya, the interior ministry said in a statement.

The ministry said security forces had received information that the militants were using a farm in Sharqiya as a hideout and were trained there to use weapons to carry out attacks in north Sinai.

It said their attacks had resulted in the deaths of a number of police and army personnel.

“Upon raiding the farm, security forces were surprised by gunshots in their direction which were dealt with, resulting in the killing of nine,” the ministry said.

It said it was still trying to determine the identity of the suspects. Weapons and ammunition were found at the farm.
Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said on Sunday he would propose to parliament transferring some of the country's troops stationed in Iraq to Niger to fight people smuggling and terrorism.
Tropical Storm Tembin brings flash floods and mudslides to the southern island of Mindanao.
Mahmoud Abbas puts a new US peace initiative in doubt as fallout over Jerusalem's status continues.
UKHIA, Bangladesh (AP) — For six hours he hid in an upstairs room, listening to the crackle of gunfire and the screams of people being slaughtered outside his Myanmar home.

With every footstep that drew near, every cry that pierced the air, 52-year-old Bodru Duza braced for the soldiers to find him, to kill him like all the others who had fled to his compound that morning seeking a safe place to shelter. They were being blindfolded and bound, marched away in small groups, then butchered and shot as they begged for their lives.
SYDNEY (AP) — Australian police said there is no evidence of a terrorist link to a car ramming attack Thursday in central Melbourne that left 19 people injured.
Police said the driver was a 32-year-old Australian citizen of Afghan decent who has a history of drug use and mental health issues. The man was known to police for historical minor assault and traffic offenses.

“We don’t at this time have any evidence or any intelligence to indicate there’s a connection with terrorism,” said Victoria state police acting commissioner Shane Patton.
UNITED NATIONS (AP) — President Donald Trump's threat to cut off U.S. funding to countries that oppose his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital has raised the stakes in Thursday’s U.N. vote and sparked criticism at his tactics, which one Muslim group called bullying or blackmail.

Trump went a step further than U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley who hinted in a tweet and a letter to most of the 193 U.N. member states on Tuesday that the U.S. would retaliate against countries that vote in favor of a General Assembly resolution calling on the president to rescind his decision.
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korean soldiers fired 20 warning machine gun rounds Thursday, turning back North Korean soldiers apparently pursuing a comrade who had earlier dashed across the rivals’ shared border, officials said. It is the fourth time this year a North Korean soldier has defected across the world’s most heavily armed border.

South Korean military officials said they heard gunfire from the North after South Korea fired its warning shots, but it wasn’t clear if the firing was retaliatory. Neither side immediately reported casualties.
An inter-island ferry carrying 238 passengers and crew has sunk off the north-eastern Philippines after being battered by fierce winds and high seas.

At least four people have died and 88 others are missing, officials said. More than 160 were rescued by coastguard ships and fishermen.
JIECH, South Sudan (AP) — Writhing in agony on the dirt floor of his hut, Bob Wol traced the recent gunshot wounds on his thigh and back with his fingers.
“I was trying to get food and my government tried to kill me,” the 29-year-old told The Associated Press.

It’s been almost 25 years since more than 1 million people were on the brink of starvation in southern Sudan, a crisis captured in a Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph of a vulture poised near a starving little girl. Today, people in what was known as the “famine triangle” say the situation has only deteriorated.
Donald Trump wants to know who chooses to criticise his recognition of the city as Israel's capital.
At least three people have been confirmed killed after a US passenger train derailed onto a motorway in Washington state during rush hour on Monday morning.

Officials say 72 people were taken to hospitals after most of the Amtrak train's carriages left the track.

A number of those injured are reported to be in a critical condition.

Authorities said all carriages had now been searched, but would not rule out a rise in the number of dead.
Homeland security adviser says US would ‘publicly attribute’ the attack, which infected more than 300,000 computers in 150 countries, to Pyongyang.
Following the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) vote to repeal Title II regulations and net neutrality guidelines for internet service providers (ISPs), US Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said he will force a vote on a bill that would restore net neutrality, and prevent ISPs from blocking or throttling traffic.
JEDDAH: As weather experts predict that this winter will be one of the harshest for Riyadh in years, some residents of a neighborhood in the capital are helping those in need. A video has gone viral on Twitter showing pictures of blankets hanging on trees in Al-Rayyan district for those in need to keep warm. Sultan Al-Mousa, who tweeted the video, said he hopes it will encourage more such initiatives. 
The specially designed barrel-shaped carriages rotate as it ascends precipitous mountain slopes.
LOS ANGELES: A California wildfire was close on Saturday to becoming the state’s third largest blaze on record, with more devastation possible from a resurgence of the harsh winds that have fueled the deadly fire’s growth. The so-called Thomas Fire has destroyed more than 1,000 structures, including about 750 homes, in coastal communities in Southern California since erupting on December 4, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said in a statement.
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An Obama-era law that protects "net neutrality" is repealed by a US regulator, so what does it mean?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has voted three to two to roll back an Obama-era law that protects "net neutrality". The change will enable internet service providers (ISPs) to speed up or slow down different companies' data, and charge consumers according to the services they access
A Moscow court has sentenced Russia's former Economy Minister Alexei Ulyukayev to eight years in a harsh-regime prison for bribery.
He was also fined 130m roubles ($2.2m; £1.6m). He is the first minister to stand trial in Russia's recent history.
Ulyukayev, 61, was arrested in 2016, accused of trying to extort $2m from state oil firm Rosneft to approve its purchase of another oil firm.
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A train and a school bus collide in southern France, leaving at least four children dead, officials say.

Another 24 people were reported to be seriously injured, in the accident on a railway crossing between Millas and Saint-Féliu-d'Amont.
The students on the bus are reported to be between the ages of 13 and 17.
Pictures from the scene showed the school bus sheared in two by the force of the crash.
European foreign ministers have strongly rejected calls by Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to follow Donald Trump’s example and recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Opposition from across the European spectrum came as Netanyahu made the first official trip to the EU by a sitting Israeli premier in 22 years.
BAE Systems has announced a £5bn contract to supply Typhoon aircraft to the Qatari air force.

The deal, which will help secure UK jobs, includes a support and training package. The contract is subject to financing conditions and is expected to be fulfilled no later than mid 2018.

It provides for 24 Typhoon aircraft, with delivery expected to commence in late 2022. About 5,000 people in Britain are employed to build the Typhoon, mainly at Warton in Lancashire.
Snow fell fast and furiously in many parts of the UK Sunday as Storm Caroline, the biggest storm so far this year, caused widespread disruption with road and air travel affected.
Lebanese security forces clashed with protesters near the United States embassy in Beirut on Sunday over President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
Gunmen attack Shamshad TV station in the Afghan capital Kabul, killing some staff, eyewitnesses say.
The gunman's past criminal conviction was not entered into the US database, officials believe.
A key aide of Canada's PM is linked to schemes that may have cost the nation millions, the Paradise Papers show.
The US multinational has used a Channel Island to protect its low tax regime, the Paradise Papers show.
The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act does raise taxes on some in the middle class, according to the official analysis by Congress's Joint Committee on Taxation.
He admits impeding an inquiry into links between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia.
Hours after Governor Ricardo Rosselló issued a statement calling for PREPA to cancel its contract with Whitefish Energy, the Puerto Rico power utility confirmed it will do just that, The Washington Post and CBS News correspondent David Begnaud both confirm.
His move came a month after the referendum he called on Kurdish independence backfired.