Boris Diaw officially retired from basketball on Thursday. His NBA career effectively came to a close last summer, when the French forward signed a deal to go back home and play for the Levallois Metropolitans (formerly Paris-Levallois).

Diaw spent 14 years in the NBA with the Hawks, Suns, Hornets, and Spurs before helping a young Utah Jazz team to its first playoff appearance since Jerry Sloan. His career included being named the 2006 NBA Most Improved Player of the Year and an NBA championship with the San Antonio Spurs in 2014.

Researchers have pioneered a new way to harness the sun’s energy. By combining organic and synthetic parts in a process called semi-artificial photosynthesis, they’ve developed a proof of concept that can split water into hydrogen and oxygen using modified photosynthetic mechanisms from plants.
Burt Reynolds, the wisecracking 1970s movie heartthrob and Oscar nominee, has died at the age of 82.

According to Us Weekly, he passed away in a Florida hospital of a heart attack, attended by his family.

The moustachioed actor had undergone heart bypass surgery in 2010. Reynolds is survived by his son, Quinton.

He starred in Deliverance, Smokey and the Bandit, Boogie Nights and The Cannonball Run.
The nineteenth-century discovery of numbers called “quaternions” gave mathematicians a way to describe rotations in space, forever changing physics and math.
If you think that Bitcoin has hit bottom after the latest round of violent price drops, think again.

While the world’s largest cryptocurrency is down 65 percent since its peak in December, technical indicators suggest there’s worse to come. Bitcoin has consistently had lower peaks since its apex in December, with each new high lower than the last. In addition, the Directional Movement Index signals the bullish buying pressure came to an abrupt end, and a new selling pressure trend has started.
Competition, oversupply, and unpredictable weather has caused the price of wild berries in Maine to hit a 30-year low.

Another wild blueberry season is wrapping up on the east coast of the United States, but growers aren't happy. The harvest in Maine was down 50 percent this year, due to summer drought and random freezing temperatures, and the season ended in late August, which is earlier than usual.

For an industry that is embedded in New England's culture and has even been memorialized in children's classic literature (the 1948 Caldecott Honor-winning picture book by Robert McCloskey, 'Blueberries for Sal'), it is painful to see it crippled by competition and price drops, irregular weather patterns and fungal disease.
Billions of years ago, a huge star blasted open and spewed its guts into space. At that energetic moment, the so-called core-collapse supernova formed a debris cloud of brand-new atoms, forged in the heat of its blast. Time passed. The cloud contracted, attracted to itself by its own gravity. A star formed — our sun — surrounded by chunks of rock and gas that formed our planets and other orbiting bodies. Much later, we came along.

That's the basic story of our solar system's birth. And, mostly from watching other supernovas and other star births out in space, scientists know a fair amount about it. But there's still a lot about what happened during the stellar blast that's mysterious. What exotic, energetic particles flared into being in that first, hot flash of the old star's death? How did they shape the atoms and molecules that formed humans? How much time passed between the star's death and rebirth as our sun?

In a new paper published yesterday (Sept. 4) in the journal Physic
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al Review Letters, researchers proposed a new method for answering those questions.

Read more at: https://www.livescience.com/63504-supernova-trace.html
Cate Blanchett will receive the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in Film from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Los Angeles (BAFTA Los Angeles) this year, the organization announced Thursday.

The president asserted in a tweet this week that he had not described Attorney General Jeff Sessions or anyone else that way.
For the past two years, Nike has kept Colin Kaepernick on the bench despite an endorsement partnership that dates back to 2011. In 2016, Kaepernick started using his platform as an NFL player to protest the extrajudicial killing of unarmed African Americans by police officers, among other tentacles of racism that reach American society. Kaepernick’s protest made him hugely controversial, and during the past two years, Nike hasn’t used the former 49ers quarterback as a spokesman even though he was under contract. Nike knows how to market an NFL quarterback, but even its politically outspoken athletes have tended to be known for their on-field achievements first.

Nevertheless, on Monday, Nike introduced Kaepernick as the face of its 30th anniversary “Just Do It” campaign, kicking off a new deal worth millions of dollars, comparable to the most lucrative deals Nike gives out to NFL players. The Oregon-based sportswear giant will not only use Kaepernick as a pitchman and style icon, but
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sell Kaepernick-branded apparel. This news comes at a time when even the memory of Kaepernick’s football career is fading.
Japan's northern island of Hokkaido has been hit by a powerful earthquake, triggering landslides that engulfed houses.

At least eight people have been killed and about 40 are missing, say local media reports.

The magnitude 6.7 quake cut power to around three million homes after a thermal power plant was damaged.

The earthquake comes on the heels of a deadly typhoon lashing the west of Japan over the past few days.

Jebi, the strongest typhoon to hit the country in 25 years, killed at least 10 people and caused widespread damage and disruption.
Argentina's peso gained more than 1 percent and financial stocks surged on Wednesday as government officials in Washington sought emergency funding to stem an economic crisis.
Instagram shopping in a standalone app?

That, reportedly, is what the Facebook-owned company is developing, which would enable it to maximize the potential of shopping on the visual platform, without risking the current Instagram user-experience in a significant way.

Read more at: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/instagrams-looking-to-launch-a-standalone-app-for-online-shopping/531559/
The airdate for Doctor Who series 11 has *finally* been revealed.

Jodie Whittaker's first full episode as the new Doctor will air on Sunday, October 7 on BBC One.

Yes, the BBC has officially confirmed that Doctor Who will be moving from its traditional Saturday night slot for the first time since the series was revived in 2005.

The title of the season premiere has also been revealed: showrunner Chris Chibnall's episode will be called 'The Woman Who Fell to Earth'.
Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi launched three smartphones that are part of its new Redmi 6 series today in India. That includes the Redmi 6A, the Redmi 6, and the Redmi 6 Pro, with prices ranging from $84 to $154. While the 6 Pro is a new model in Xiaomi’s budget lineup, the other two handsets are merely iterations of their predecessors from last year.

According to data by IDC, Xiaomi sales account for almost 30 percent of phones in India. And it has achieved that number by mostly championing the segment of mid-range ($80-$200) phones. And it’s great, but it is becoming awfully difficult to keep up with Xiaomi’s offerings as there are so many to choose from each year – and many of them compete with each other at the same price point.

Jupiter is strange for a number of reasons. It’s the biggest planet in our Solar System, of course. It harbors perhaps the most intense radiation environments. And, according to a new study, it has a magnetic field unlike that of any other known planet.

NASA’s Juno orbiter, a basketball court-sized spacecraft, is observing the gas giant as it circles the planet at varying distances. Scientists recently mapped Jupiter’s magnetic field at four depths, and noticed a strange hemispheric dichotomy: The northern hemisphere’s magnetic field was nothing like the southern hemisphere’s.

Read more at: https://gizmodo.com/jupiters-baffling-magnetic-field-is-unlike-any-other-1828825356
Europe and Africa are the regions seeing the fastest increases in international tourist arrivals, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s 2018 Tourism Highlights.

The report, which looked at international tourism arrivals across the world in 2017, found that the two regions saw respective growth of 8 and 9 percent since 2016. Around the world, the total number of international tourist arrivals grew 7 percent from 2016 to 2017, reaching a total of 1,323 million. It was the highest percentage increase in international tourist arrivals since 2010.
You can train with lighter weights without missing out on any gains.

Some people like to say that lifting heavy weights is the only way to build muscle. High reps and light weights might improve your endurance, these people argue, but they’re not going to make your muscles any bigger.

In fact, the latest science shows that training with lighter weights and higher reps is a surprisingly effective way to make your muscles grow. Let’s dig in and take a closer look at what it all means for you.
It's the age-old question that always sparks debate.

The “chicken or egg” paradox was first proposed by philosophers in Ancient Greece to describe the problem of determining cause and effect.

Now a team of physicists from The University of Queensland and the Néel Institute has shown that the chicken and the egg can both come first.

Still don’t get it? The answer lies in quantum physics. We’ll let the experts explain.
The Note 8 proved to be great return to form for one of Samsung’s best-loved productivity-focused lines. Yes, it was let down in a few areas — battery life being the main sore point — but the camera was most definitely not one of those. Is a camera improvement alone enough to justify an upgrade? Probably not, but if it were, is the camera exponentially better on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs the Samsung Galaxy Note 8?
A quick and easy recipe for pasta tossed in a lemon butter sauce and filled with sautéed zucchini and cherry tomatoes.
Fierce winds and rain lash parts of the country, killing at least six people and injuring 160.
Today, for Chrome's 10th birthday, Google's given its prized web browser a ton of new features, starting with a redesign aimed at speedier browsing.

Other new treats in the browser update (available now) include a new password manager, a smarter Omnibox search bar and improved autofill of web forms.

Available now by updating to version 69, this new version of Chrome delivers change in areas that are increasingly important for today's users, that weren't as important a decade ago.
You know how you're not supposed to stick anything in your ear smaller than your elbow? There's a reason for that: The little fancy holes on the side of our heads are precision instruments, more complex and precise than a Swiss clock.

The job of an ear is to provide balance and hearing, which is just a nifty little bit of auditory transduction — the conversion of sound waves (basically air molecules clacking together through space) into electrical signals we can process and understand. It turns out that's pretty complex. It's so complex, in fact, that scientists have never really been able to pinpoint what allows this complicated conversion to happen.

Transduction in other sensory systems has been well understood for decades, but because the inner ear is difficult to reach, there are comparatively few inner ear receptor cells to study (the inner ear has about 16,000 receptor cells compared to the human retina's 100,000), and the environment inside the cochlea — the shell-shaped c
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avity that houses all the tiny, hair-like receptor cells — is so delicate, it's a difficult experimentation subject.

But now a paper published Aug. 22, 2018, in the journal Neuron reports the unraveling of the mystery behind the "holy grail" of hearing proteins. The research team from Harvard Medical School has worked out that TMC1, a protein discovered back in 2002, is ultimately responsible for hearing and balance in vertebrates.

"We believe our findings settle that issue for good and yield definitive proof that TMC1 is the critical molecular sensor that converts sound and motion into electrical signals the brain can understand," said co-author Jeffrey Holt, Harvard Medical School professor of otolaryngology and neurology at Boston Children's Hospital, in a press release. "It is, indeed, the gatekeeper of hearing."
Do you want to lose 20 pounds or more quickly? If you haven't tried the Dukan Diet, keep reading this article. Created by a French doctor Pierre Dukan, this diet has created a stir in France over the last decade and was just released outside of France.

The Dukan Diet has proven a success in people with a little weight to lose and for those who want to lose a lot of weight in a hurry. Dr. Dukan notes that our weight gain is a result of how many fat cells we have. When we overeat, we get to a certain point where the fat cells grow large enough that if we don't stop the unhealthy cycle, they then split into two creating more fat cells. This makes dieting much harder. After working with thousands of patients, Dr. Dukan developed this diet to help people with all different body shapes and sizes to be able to lose and maintain weight loss.

When the quartet of Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE launched an economic and diplomatic boycott of Qatar last summer, they hoped to swiftly force Doha to change its behavior in a whole host of areas, from closing down the Al Jazeera television network to cutting ties with Iran and Turkey. It hasn’t quite worked out as they hoped. Instead of bending to the will of its four neighbours Qatar has fought back, building new trade links with other countries and fighting a canny diplomatic battle against its adversaries. The small, energy-rich country now ranks as the eighth most open in the world to visitors, according to the UN.

Mining resources from asteroids may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but it could be well on its way to becoming science fact. What will be mined? Why do we want this? And who are the big names to watch out for? Check out our beginner's guide to all things space rock-drilling.
Asian shares were mostly lower Tuesday as the lack of new leads following a U.S. market holiday meant that trade worries and slowing Chinese manufacturing activity stayed in the spotlight.
Sony's new overall CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida, recently made controversial comments about cross-play, and now an Xbox executive has responded. Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra said on Twitter that Sony "still isn't listening to gamers" about the cross-play situation.

"[Sony still] isn't listening to gamers," Ybarra said. "All games should be cross-play and progression with the right input flexibility and gamer options."
Twitter is experimenting with a couple of new variations for tweet interactions, and they’ve asked users for feedback on these mock-ups.

To clarify, none of these are anywhere near final yet - Twitter’s only testing different options for now. But they are looking at these, and other related options, which are designed to better emphasize tweet engagement.

The key elements to consider, based on the current mock design, are:

Threaded replies to individual responses, making it easier to see who’s responding to what within tweet reply chains
Colour coding for responses from the original tweet poster and yourself, highlighting key replies (purple for responses from the original tweeter, blue for you)
Green dots on profile images within chains to indicate when a user is active and spark more real-time engagement (users would have the option to switch off)

After Twitter product manager Sara Haider posted the mocks and asked for thoughts, various users provided other potential op
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tions and additions:

Make replies scrollable, with the original tweet remaining pinned at the top of the chain for easier context
Make replies to each collapsible, potentially behind a ‘See replies’ option
Establishing number of replies which can be shown in a chain before starting a new one for clarity (and more than 10x replies to a single tweet could start to get messy)
Add visible timestamps, as are currently available, on replies in chains
Add typing indicators to indicate engagement
Change the ‘Tweet your reply’ prompt to ‘Join the conversation’ in chains
It’s an interesting experiment, and it provides some great indicators as to where Twitter is looking, and how they’re seeking to boost engagement on the platform.
We finally have details on DC's upcoming streaming service. It's been a long time coming, but we're pleased to announce the service will be launching on September 15 (Batman Day!). DC Universe costs $7.99 monthly, or an annual membership of $74.99 per year. On the platform, viewers will be able to stream from two devices at once and purchase new comics directly. It offers access to original animated and live-action shows in addition to thousands of digital comic books, an encyclopedia, fan forums, news, and an archive of old shows and movies. New original series are expected to drop every Friday. However, international availability is still uncertain.

I used to buy and sell stocks often. Over time, though, I found that frequent trading in and out of stocks hurt my overall returns. In retrospect, I would have been better off holding on to stocks longer. So now I typically hang onto stocks for at least a few years and sell only when I think the underlying reasons I bought a stock in the first place have changed.

My reason for telling you all this is that this approach requires me to be very picky about the stocks that I buy. I like a lot of stocks, but I can't afford to invest in all of them. My portfolio currently primarily includes large-cap stocks. The greatest winners, though, tend to be stocks with smaller valuations that have a lot of room to grow.

There's one stock in particular that I have my eyes on right now. It's relatively small, is generating fantastic growth, and appears to have a huge runway for even more growth. If I could buy only one stock, it would be MongoDB (NASDAQ:MDB). Here's why.
Don't worry. This isn't an announcement of a new invasion from elsewhere, but a leap into the past in the Paleozoic: the time of giant insects, 100 million years before the dinosaurs, during which insects also had their T-Rex: Carboniferous and Permian giant dragonflies that terrorised the skies of those times, sometimes call "griffenflies"). A short trip back in time to a kind of another Earth in search of insects that were already major actors of the ecosystems.

This unique specimen in the world is a giant dragonfly that lived 300 million years ago in the huge equatorial warm forests that at the time covered the center of France. It was almost 40 cm long and 70 cm wingspan. It is one of the largest known insects.

During the Carboniferous (from 360 to 299 million years ago), other insects were also very large, such as cockroaches (Dictyoptera) and Palaeodictyoptera. This gigantism has long been explained by the high percentage of oxygen in the air (twice the current level, i.e.,
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nearly 40%) which would have favoured the physiology of flight during this period. Explanations based on ecological factors more related to the absence of flying predatory vertebrates at this time would explain these large insect sizes. A combination of both phenomena should be considered.

For many millions of years, during Carboniferous, large quantities of plant debris accumulated in shallow waters. Their burial, protected from the air by the sediments that contained them, contributed to the formation of very fossiliferous layers of coals.

Meganeura was described and named by Charles Brongniart in 1885, shortly after its discovery. This dragonfly from the depths of time is the emblem of the city of Commentry in the Auvergne region, the former mining town where it was found. It was long emblematic of the giant insects of the Palaeozoic, remaining the largest known insect until the discovery of a Meganeuridae in the United States in the middle of the 20th century, which are a few centimeters larger.

Read more at: https://phys.org/news/2018-09-paleozoic-era-giant-dragonflies.html
You wait for years for a full-frame mirrorless camera to show up from the most dominant brands in photography, and then two show up at once. Right after Nikon announced its first serious step into high-end mirrorless with the Z7 and Z6, it looks like Canon’s own effort is imminent. Leaks from Japanese website Nokishita have revealed images of the camera, its spec sheet, and details on the initial lens lineup.

The camera is apparently called the EOS R, and looks a lot like a slimmed-down full-frame DSLR. The controls appear to be tweaked somewhat, with unmarked dials (not PASM) and a curious left-right switch on the back. The screen is fully articulated, and there’s a secondary information display on the top. The full-frame sensor is reportedly 30.3 megapixels, which would put it between the Nikon Z7 and Z6.

Read more at: https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2018/9/3/17813738/canon-full-frame-mirrorless-camera-leak-photos-specs-date
A recent contest challenged participants to create utopian designs of future human Mars settlements, and their creations are stunning.
A final trailer has dropped for ‘The Predator’ just weeks before its release. The movie is directed by Shane Black (from a script he wrote with Fred Dekker) and features a cast that includes Boyd Holbrook, Sterling K. Brown (‘Black Panther’), Alfie Allen, Thomas Jane, Olivia Munn, Jake Busey, Jacob Tremblay (‘Room’), Trevante Rhodes and Keegan Michael-Key.

A report from Coinbase and Qriously found 42 percent of the world's top 50 universities now offer at least one blockchain or crypto course, and 9 percent of students have taken a course.
Individual stocks can enjoy head-turning rallies over short periods of time. As of this writing, for example, the top stock in the S&P 500 has risen by just under 200% so far in 2018.

But the real life-changing returns occur over time frames that are measured in years or even decades. So, with that ultra-long-term focus in mind, we asked three Motley Fool contributors to highlight a few stocks with unusually strong outlooks. Here's why NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA), Constellation Brands (NYSE:STZ), and Stanley Black & Decker (NYSE:SWK) made that list.

An electronics maker for the ages
Nicholas Rossolillo (NVIDIA): I've always been a fan of the semiconductor industry. I think semiconductors are building blocks of the future -- a modern-day commodity of sorts -- so one of my first individual stock purchases over a decade ago was a chipmaker. Unfortunately, it wasn't NVIDIA. The maker of graphics processing units (GPUs) didn't hit my buy-list radar until much later as I never saw a future f
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or the company outside of the video game industry.
Michael Faraday wondered if electrical conductors moving through magnetic fields might lead to a natural source of electricity- turns out it might.
The bare-knuckles tactics Uber used to get its way with regulators are not going to work for scooter startups — cities have the upper hand this time.

It wasn’t only consumers who were surprised — some pleasantly so, others not so much. Local governments, too, were forced to scramble to understand and regulate this yet-unseen form of shared transportation.

The startups that put them there, Bird and Lime, employed a tried-and-true playbook, written a few years back by fast-growing ride-hail firms Uber and Lyft, as well as Airbnb: Launch your service in a city without permission, become wildly popular with consumers and then ask for forgiveness when regulators try to throw you out. When that doesn’t work, send in your adoring customers to fight for it. Oh, and a handful of lobbyists. Don’t forget the lobbyists.

The EU Commission is proposing to end the practice of adjusting clocks by an hour in spring and autumn after a survey found most Europeans opposed it.

Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said millions "believe that in future, summer time should be year-round, and that's what will happen".

The Commission's proposal requires support from the 28 national governments and MEPs to become law.

In the EU clocks switch between winter and summer under daylight saving time.

A European Parliament resolution says it is "crucial to maintain a unified EU time regime".

However, the Commission has not yet drafted details of the proposed change.

In a consultation paper it said one option would be to let each member state decide whether to go for permanent summer or winter time. That would be "a sovereign decision of each member state", Commission spokesman Alexander Winterstein explained on Friday.

He stressed that the proposal was "to no longer constrain member states into cha
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nging clocks twice per year".

The UK is one of the 28 nations, but is due to leave the European Union in March 2019. Any change would be unlikely to happen before then.

The Commission warns that uncoordinated time changes between member states would cause economic harm.
Apple has accidentally leaked final images of its new iPhone XS models...

Credit for the discovery goes to 9to5Mac and its almost infallible tipster Guilherme Rambo who has attained finalised press photography of the new iPhones, along with confirmation of a new colour.
Fear grows for people in rebel-held parts of Idlib ahead of what may be one of the war's last major battles.
FBI says Robert Chain began a series of threatening calls after the newspaper announced it was coordinating a response to Trump’s attacks on the media
Earnings results sent retail stocks to some of the markets best and worst premarket moves. Signet Jewelers (SIG), Titan Machinery (TITN) and Tilly's (TLYS) all clocked double-digit gains. Dollar TreeDLTR and Dollar General (DG) suffered early losses, as did Salesforce.com (CRM) and Davita Healthcare (DVA). Tilray (TLRY) led a pullback among cannabis stocks early Thursday, as the group paused for a breather after Wednesday's breathtaking gains.

Dow futures slipped 0.2%, while S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 futures narrowed their losses to a fraction. Apple (AAPL) led the Dow, up 0.3% and on track to open at another new high. Dollar Tree posted the steepest drop among S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 stocks.

Negotiators in Washington worked frantically ahead of a U.S.-imposed Friday deadline for Canada to join a revised trade agreement worked out between the U.S. and Mexico. The Trump administration brought Canada into the negotiations late, on Tuesday, then laid down a Friday deadline — aiming to
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earn U.S. congressional approval before a Dec. 1 change in government in Mexico.

If you invest meal prep time towards a breakfast casserole over the weekend, you can have easy, delicious breakfasts to grab quickly throughout the week.
Before too much longer, you could start seeing NASA astronauts' smiling faces on cereal boxes, and Mars rovers emblazoned with corporate logos just like race cars.
IFA 2018 is underway in Berlin. It’s one of the world’s largest consumer electronics shows, with companies like Samsung, Microsoft, and LG represented. Here’s what we expect to see.
The goal of a nonstop flight from Sydney to London -- half the way around the planet -- took a leap forward as the world’s top planemakers convinced Qantas Airways Ltd. they can make the 20-hour route a reality.

A year after Qantas Chief Executive Officer Alan Joyce publicly challenged Boeing Co. and Airbus SE to design a plane capable of making a viable direct flight from Sydney to London or New York, he says the manufacturers have succeeded.

Alan JoycePhotographer: Brendon Thorne/Bloomberg
“We’re now comfortable that we think we have vehicles that could do it,” Joyce said in an interview in Qantas’s central Sydney offices.

Project Sunrise, as Qantas calls it, involves configuring an aircraft so that it can fly about 300 passengers and their luggage farther than any regular service to date, with fuel in hand for unexpected headwinds and emergencies. If the first routes prove viable in 2022, direct connections from major cities in the Americas, Europe and Africa to Australi
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a could follow.
"When you see 'anonymous source,' stop reading the story, it is fiction!" Trump wrote on Twitter.
The anesthetic ketamine has drawn excitement in recent years as a fast-acting and effective treatment for severe depression. Now, a small, new study sheds light on exactly how the drug works to treat depression, with a surprising finding: Ketamine needs to activate opioid receptors in order to have anti-depressant effects.

The new findings challenge previous views on how the drug works to treat depression, the researchers said. "It doesn't work like everyone thought it was working," co-senior study author Dr. Alan Schatzberg, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine, said in a statement.

Following parent-company Facebook’s lead, Instagram has this week announced a new set of tools designed to help users get a better understanding of who, exactly, is behind influential Instagram accounts, while also providing a new option for users to log-in via third-party authenticator apps.

The biggest of the three updates is a new information tab for "accounts that reach large audiences" – as explained by Instagram CTO Mike Krieger:

“In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to see more information about accounts on Instagram that reach large audiences so that you can evaluate the authenticity of the account. To learn more about an account, go to their Profile, tap the … menu and then select “About This Account.” There, you will see the date the account joined Instagram, the country where the account is located, accounts with shared followers, any username changes in the last year and any ads the account is currently running.”

As noted, the addition's very similar to Facebook’s
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recently announced ad and Page transparency tools, which enable users to get more insight into the ads a Page is running, and who, specifically, is behind the Page.

The idea is that by giving users access to such information, Facebook can expand the pool of people keeping an eye out for potentially malicious actors. While not everyone will bother to check the details, it only takes one report on a suspect account to alert Facebook or Instagram’s security teams, and they can then review and remove questionable Pages and profiles before they have a chance to do any damage.

Read more at: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/instagram-adds-new-account-transparency-tools-and-opens-up-verification-app/531152/
The Wrap compiles clues about next chapter in Ryan Murphy's horror anthology series ahead of "Apocalypse"s Sept. 12 premiere on FX.
Juventus produced the outstanding piece of business to stun European football during the summer with the blockbuster signing of Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid, and the Serie A champions “can only benefit” from the attacker’s signing, according to Miralem Pjanic.

The Bosnian midfielder claims that his side are “very happy” with Ronaldo’s arrival in Turin, speaking to Juventus TV, and believes that the iconic forward will be a huge influence for the Italian giants.
LG has unveiled the first 88-inch 8K OLED TV and is showing it publicly at IFA 2018. Here's why we're excited to see an 8K OLED, even though naysayers suggest its a technology before its time.
On August 21 last year, the US came to a standstill to watch the incredibly rare alignment of the Moon sliding in front of the Sun, completely blocking its rays.

But for a team of scientists, the anticipation of this total solar eclipse was perhaps even more intense as they waited to see the shapes in the aura of plasma flaring out from behind the Moon.

Millions of us have discovered browser extensions like AdBlock Plus and uBlock Origin can declutter web pages. Now, judging by new data released by Mozilla, it seems we're also discovering we can block website software that tracks us on the internet, too.

With the November release of Firefox 57, the first Firefox Quantum version, Mozilla added an option to let people block all trackers. Since then, the fraction of people who enabled Firefox's tracking protection feature has grown, from none to 1.3 percent.

Read more at: https://www.cnet.com/news/firefox-shows-we-block-ad-trackers-on-web-not-just-use-ad-blockers/
Canada's top trade negotiator joins her Mexican and U.S. counterparts in Washington on Tuesday in a bid to remain part of a trilateral North American trade pact, as U.S. officials expressed optimism a deal could be reached this week.
Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 continues the series' excellent run of form, introducing smart improvements that enhance the on-pitch action.
Earth rotates the way it does because of how it formed early in the history of the solar system, but all things in space rotate.
Facebook ‘s rolling out the next stage of its expanded transparency push, with users who manage ‘large’ Facebook Pages being asked to go through a new authorization process before they’ll be able to continue publishing posts on the Page.

As outlined in the above example flow, the authorization process will prompt users who manage Pages with large potential reach to secure their account with two-factor authentication, and confirm their primary country location. The process is rolling out first to US businesses, with Facebook looking to expand the system more broadly over time.
The United Launch Alliance will send up its most powerful rocket, the Delta IV Heavy, along with a spacecraft bound for the Sun. On top of the rocket is NASA’s Parker Solar Probe, embarking on the first ever mission into the Sun’s atmosphere, known as the corona.
A tick species called the longhorned tick that's native to Asia has now spread to the United States, and it's popping up in numerous places along the East Coast, according to U.S. officials.
The sixth and final season of "House of Cards," featuring Claire Underwood as president, will drop on November 2, Netflix announced Tuesday.
This is a big one - Facebook is rolling out a bunch of updates for business Pages in order to make it easier for local businesses in particular to maximize their exposure on the platform, and to utilize customer word of mouth more effectively.

First off, Facebook’s adding Recommendations to Pages, which will enable users to post a written review of your business, and can include text, photos and a new option - related business tags.

Read more at: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/facebook-announces-new-update-for-pages-adding-recommendation-tools-and-co/529475/
Anyone doing business with Iran will not be doing business with the US, the president says.
The new software has features aimed at improving battery life and fighting tech addiction.
These ancient fossils may be the oldest documented evidence of life on land, pushing back direct evidence for terrestrial life by about 500 million years.
Serverless, Inc came to the serverless game early, creating an open source framework for developers back in 2015. Today, they want to build on that earlier product to give developers more control over deployment and delivery of serverless applications.
A day after Facebook sparked market concern by reporting that growth at the platform is slowing, Twitter has reported much the same in its Q2 numbers – though the reasoning behind Twitter’s shift in momentum is slightly different.

And the impact in Twitter’s case is also more significant – Facebook, while seeing a slow down in user growth (and even a decline in Europe), still added 38 million new users, overall, for the quarter. Twitter actually went backwards, though only slightly.

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The ‘de-extinction’ of vanished wild animals, from the woolly mammoth to the Pyrenean ibex, raises deep questions about our relationship to nature
After a year-long wait, season two of the Ron Howard-produced sci-fi series has finally arrived. The six-part follow-up skips ahead a few years into the furture after the Daedalus astronauts have settled into their colony Olympus Town. Elon Musk, Andy Weir, Robert Zubrin, and Neil deGrasse Tyson will continue their commentary on the difficulties the hypothetical crew might face in their new home on the Red Planet.
A total lunar eclipse -- the longest of the century -- was visible for much of the Eastern Hemisphere on Friday night.
Turkey and the United States can save their relationship, President Tayyip Erdogan's spokesman said on Saturday after President Donald Trump threatened to slap sanctions on Ankara in a deepening of tensions between the NATO partners.
A raging wildfire in northern California has killed two firefighters and forced tens of thousands of people to flee their homes.

The fires in Shasta county are being sucked up by strong winds to form "fire tornados" that are uprooting trees and overturning cars, fire officials say.

The blazes, known as the Carr fire, have destroyed at least 500 structures and are threatening thousands of homes.

Firefighters are battling the blaze, which is only 5% contained so far.

The wildfire began on Monday and has scorched over 48,000 acres (194 sq km) of land - an area larger than the city of San Francisco.
Vitamin D has many important functions. The body produces it after exposure to sunlight, but in winter months or areas with less sunshine, many people choose to take supplements. Taking too much vitamin D can lead to negative side effects, including brittle bones and dehydration. Learn more here.
You guys. YOU GUYS. This loaded hummus looks like the dreamiest, most perfect thing to make for summer parties.

While we all have our favorite store-bought hummus brands (mine is Hope), nothing beats the homemade stuff — especially if you blend it up it in your kitchen, compliments of a food processor. This recipe from Taste Love and Nourish is not only the best hummus base, but also the perfect combination of salty, herby, and briny toppings that will have everyone asking for more pita to dip. Once you're done assembling, this appetizer will look like something you ordered in a restaurant.

World heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua will fight on Sky Sports Box Office for at least another three years after signing a new deal with promoter Matchroom.

Carrie Fisher will appear in "Star Wars: Episode IX" after all, Disney announced Friday, using previously "unseen footage."
Despite having an app simply ripe for multitasking as users pull up extra info related to the books they're reading, Amazon's Kindle app is just now delivering support for Android's split-screen viewing feature. It added support for split view on the iPad back in March, but with this update all of your Android 7.0 (and higher) devices should be ready to go.
As foreign funds continue to dump Indonesian stocks and bonds, President Joko Widodo is chasing dollars from tourism and exports to help contain a As foreign funds continue to dump Indonesian stocks and bonds, President Joko Widodo is chasing dollars from tourism and exports to help contain a widening current-account deficit.
Twitter reported its second-quarter earnings today (July 27), its third profitable quarter in a row. But a decline in its user count sent the social network's stock price nosediving in pre-market trading. The social network exceeded estimates of analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters—it generated $711 million for the quarter, compared to an expected $696 million. But the number of users who visit the site each month fell short of expectations: Analysts had expected Twitter to grow to more than 338 million monthly active users, whereas the social network only reported 335 million for the quarter, a drop of 1 million users over last quarter.
After more than 25 years, Hubble is still capturing stunning photos of far-away astronomical objects and advancing human knowledge. It can also take a peek at objects in our own solar system. Both Saturn and Mars have swung close to Earth recently, and Hubble got some new images.
Cristiano Ronaldo has agreed a deal with the Spanish tax authorities to plead guilty to tax fraud, resulting in a two-year suspended prison sentence, according to the Associated Press (h/t Sky Sports ).

Ronaldo, who left Real Madrid to sign for Serie A giants Juventus earlier this summer, will also be expected to pay a fine of as much as €19 million (£16.9 million).

The deal still needs to be rubber-stamped before a plea is entered and payment made. Things are expected to be made official in days, per the report.

The charges against Ronaldo date back as far as 2011, with the prolific forward accused of fraudulent action totalling €14.7 million, per the report.
Did you buy the Founder's Pack when Fortnite first launched? Here's your reward for supporting the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 game back then.
NBC will celebrate the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century with an awesome digital special on all things space.
Depression is one of the most common—and most stigmatized—illnesses of our time. To help people understand it, cope with it, and heal from it, Well+Good Council member and practicing psychiatrist Drew Ramsey, MD, regularly talks about prevention and treatment. Now, emerging research finds even more evidence that exercise can help ward off depression in some people. Here, Dr. Ramsey explains why these findings are so promising…and why you might want to lace up your running shoes today.

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For more than 20 years, a team of astronomers has tracked a single star whipping around the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy at up to 25 million kilometers per hour, or 3% of the speed of light. Now, the team says the close encounter has put Albert Einstein’s theory of gravity to its most rigorous test yet for massive objects, with the light from the star stretched in a way not prescribed by Newtonian gravity. In a study announced today, the team says it has detected a distinctive indicator of Einstein’s general theory of relativity called “gravitational redshift,” in which the star’s light loses energy because of the black hole’s intense gravity.
Two years ago, the entire cryptoasset market had a value of $9 billion. Had it been a public company, it would barely have cracked the S&P 500 index. Fewer than two years later, the cryptoasset market is $300 billion in size, roughly double the market capitalization of RBC, Canada’s largest lender.

The explosion (and recent pull-back) ) of value in cryptoassets like bitcoin and ether has captured the imagination of developers, and the attention of the media, governments, central banks, the investing public, and regulators. It has made enthusiasts euphoric, Nobel laureates skeptical, and old-school billionaires dyspeptic. Charlie Munger of Berkshire Hathaway went so far as to call bitcoin “noxious poison.” Is there any other kind of poison?
The death toll from coordinated attacks by Islamic State fighters on a usually peaceful southern Syrian city and surrounding countryside has climbed to 216, a local health official said Thursday, in the worst violence to hit the area since the country’s conflict began.

Mass funerals were held in the city of Sweida on Thursday, a day after the wave of attacks that began in the early hours of the mourning and lasted for hours. The city was the scene of several suicide bombings, including one at a busy vegetable market that left a scene of devastation and set in motion the coordinated assaults.
The overwhelming majority of gun deaths in America don't involve bad guys with guns — they're caused by people deliberately harming themselves. The U.S. experiences more than 60 gun suicides daily.
It’s a common sight outside Harrods each July and August: a line of Lamborghinis, flurry of Ferraris or some other assortment of supercars all jostling for space on the clogged streets of Knightsbridge. While they’ll never manage to perform at peak capacity in the centre of such a congested city, these extravagant automobiles are now such a summer staple in London that they could perhaps be listed as seasonal tourist attractions alongside the Proms and Wimbledon.

Registration plates make it clear that many of these cars are from the Middle East so their owners will presumably be happy to learn that Abu Dhabi’s national carrier Etihad has now launched a new service to make the conveyance of supercars somewhat easier. Developed by Etihad Cargo, the airline’s cargo and logistics division, FlightValet is a new product designed specifically to facilitate the transit of exceptionally valuable motor vehicles.

While Etihad already transports hundreds of high-value vehicles on its aircraf
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t annually, FlightValet streamlines the procedure so owners can have their cars delivered immediately and with greater ease. Staff are specially trained for the service and customers will have a single sales point of contact in the United Arab Emirates.
If you're a Gmail and Dropbox user, keeping all your files in one place is about to get a lot easier thanks to a new Dropbox add-on for Gmail.

In March, Dropbox announced a new partnership with Google Cloud in a bid to centralize content, secure collaboration, and make for more effective communication. In other words, allow Google services users to seamlessly store and share content using their Dropbox accounts. A key part of making that happen was Dropbox integration with Gmail, which happened today through the launch of a Dropbox add-on for Gmail.

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FIFA 19's release date is fast approaching, but publisher EA is yet to reveal any substantial gameplay footage. However, a video has surfaced on the FIFA subreddit via user WhadaFack that shows the game in action for the first time.

The video shows a Europa League match between Manchester City and Manchester United running on PS4. You can see the game's new features, such as the active touch system and new commentary team, as well as an updated set of menus and tactical options.

Read more at: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/first-fifa-19-gameplay-leaked-for-ps4/1100-6460752/?ftag=GSS-05-10aac1i
The Arctic Monkeys receive their fourth nomination as the Mercury Prize reveals its shortlist.
Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) reported another quarter of strong growth. But the growth was down from previous quarters. That was the case not just for revenue, but also for net income, earnings per share, and user metrics. In addition, Facebook saw its daily and monthly active users decline sequentially in Europe, and management guided for a further slowdown in revenue growth in the quarters ahead.

Here are the key takeaways from Facebook's second quarter.

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Kathryn Newton, star of HBO hit “Big Little Lies” and a slew of prestige films like “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” and the upcoming Julia Roberts film “Ben is Back,” will soon star in a Netflix series billed as “Lord of the Flies” meets “Lost,” TheWrap has learned.

Newton will play the lead in a forthcoming Netflix original from Chris Keyser (“Tyrant,” “The Last Tycoon”), an individual close to the project told TheWrap. Netflix and reps for Newton had no immediate comment.
Real Madrid 's world has been turned upside down this summer with the departure of manager Zinedine Zidane and star player Cristiano Ronaldo. Not since the iconic Alfredo Di Stefano—a man who scored in every one of the club's five consecutive European Cup final victories—was ushered out the back door in 1964 have they experienced as much turmoil with their team.

Nobody imagined Zidane—who coached the club to their third UEFA Champions League title on the bounce in May—would leave. It seems he didn't have the stomach to renovate an ageing squad, which floundered domestically last season, finishing 17 points adrift of Barcelona in the race for La Liga.

Of the team that lined up against Liverpool in Kiev, Ukraine, five of their key players—the disruptive Marcelo, Sergio Ramos, Luka Modric, Ronaldo and his great foil, Karim Benzema—are all the wrong side of 30.
Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty, a noted Apple analyst, suggests that the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone may not go on sale until October. The delay is said to be down to production problems with the innovative backlighting system, which is believed to be key to the near-bezel-free design.
Archaeologists digging in a 400-year-old church in Jamestown, Virginia, have found a headless body that might be that of Sir George Yeardley, one of the first politicians — and slave owners — in the American colonies.