According to the latest study by Pew Research, Facebook is now the fourth most popular social network amongst teen users in the U.S., lagging behind YouTube, Instagram and (the worst news for Zuck) Snapchat.
With influencer marketing on the rise, and with Facebook trying to find new ways to lure more influential creators to their network (particularly video publishers), The Social Network is now working on a new influencer marketplace platform, which would enable brands to find relevant influencers based on specific characteristics, then organize deals to help them boost their efforts.
Snap Inc., facing significant backlash over the redesign of their flagship app Snapchat, which aimed to put increased emphasis on friend-to-friend connection, is now redesigning their redesign - which, initially, CEO Evan Spiegel said they would not do.

According to The Verge, the updated Snapchat redesign will put Snaps and chats back in chronological order, and move Stories from your friends back over to the right-hand side of the app.
The best live social videos offer viewers an experience they won’t get anywhere else.
After offering to pay a license fee in exchange for keeping all the ad money made from Snapchat Discover publisher content, Snap has changed course.
Instagram is gearing up to become a major shopping and commerce platform in the near future, with the introduction of support for payments.
Like...or dislike? The possibility of Facebook adding downvoting — the opposite of "liking" — for posts and comments on its network has tickled the fancy of many users. It could be great for getting rid of those pesky fake news posts, but it could also be used for trolling and it could turn Facebook into something more similar to Reddit, which is not everyone's cup of tea.

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Get ready for feedfull of updates and announcements from Facebook.

The social network' annual developers' conference, F8, kicks off on Tuesday in San Jose, Calif. There's likely to be lots of talk about VR, AR, video games, and of course, data security--an issue that Facebook is still tangled up in after trying to regain users' trust in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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Social media channels have been everywhere since the early 2000s, and it has been growing at exponential rates since then- Everyday we spend 135 minutes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp. It's hard to imagine a world without it, and we tend to think that before Facebook social media wasn't really a thing. What if we told you it dates much further back than Facebook or even Myspace?

Yes, and even past the first recognized social media site "Six Degrees", founded in 1997 by Andrew Weinreich. Social media dates back as far as the early 1840s: here's an infographic from Redpill whic
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h outlines the timeline of social media from 1844 to 2018.

Read more: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/the-history-of-social-media-infographic-1/522285/
Verified accounts turning themselves into bots, millions of fake likes and comments, a dirty world of engagement trading inside Telegram groups. Welcome to the secret underbelly of Instagram.
The latest controversies of social networks Facebook and Twitter are easily the most heated in their entire 12-14 year history — not just because of their suspect role in enabling interference in the 2016 election, but because by now, nearly all of us are users. If history is any guide, however, this outrage likely won’t last.

The CEO of the world's largest social network will testify before Congress next week. Maybe he'll answer our burning questions.
Facebook Inc said on Monday it would expand its local news push beyond the United States to provide users with more stories from local sources covering their current cities and other cities of interest.
For five years, Facebook allowed outsiders to easily collect people’s data through their friends. That ended in 2015, but the effects continue to this day.
A Facebook executive says the decision to remove the "interested in" filter from its ad platform was based on feedback from outside experts.
When Instagram first announced its Shopping Tags feature, it sparked immediate excitement among business users. Instagram’s Shopping Tags - just as they sound - enable eligible businesses to add price and description tags to specific items in any Instagram image, which, when clicked, take the user through to your website to purchase that item.
Over the 12 years of its existence, Twitter has evolved into a powerful marketing platform, now used by thousands of business to engage with their audiences and build their brands. What began with 140 characters has grown to 280 characters, and incorporates videos, chats, polls, and more.

Over 45% of users log on to Twitter every day, and companies who excel on this platform know how to engage them with these proven techniques:
After already announcing music sharing deals with Universal Music Group, Sony/ATV and Global Music Rights this year, Facebook has now added another music partnership, this time with Warner Music, home to huge collection of tracks from some of the world’s biggest artists.
Snapchat has temporarily removed its Giphy GIF sticker feature after a user saw an extremely racist GIF as an option.
Twitter analytics tool Followerwonk shared an interesting data point yesterday – one worthy of extra attention.

Twitter is deleting/suspending accounts at an unprecedented rate. In the past 30 days we have detected:

‣ 2.18 million new accounts
‣ 3.18 million deleted/suspended

We've never seen a net loss over 30 days, before.
This week, YouTube has announced a range of updates for their live-stream offering – and interestingly, YouTube’s live video efforts are being assisted by former Facebook Live engineer Vadim Lavrusik.

Here’s what’s been announced.

First, YouTube’s adding the capacity to watch not only live replays, but accompanying replays of the live chat as it happened, alongside the video.
The bot problem is particularly prevalent on Twitter - as highlighted in a recent report from The New York Times, many Twitter users have paid to inflate their numbers, and have then used those higher audience counts as leverage to help them generate income, framing themselves as ‘influencers’ and people of importance, all through artificial means.

The high profile nature of that investigation seems to have pushed Twitter into action, with the platform announcing a range of new and revised rules around how their platform/s can be used, in order to curb such tactics – here’s what’s been anno
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A study done by Spanish researchers has found that Facebook stores personally identifiable data on 73% of its EU users, which is 40% of Europeans.
Are you looking for ways to increase engagement on Instagram? Want to know the popular hashtags that will get your posts noticed?

We share 266 business hashtags that can expand your reach on Instagram in this infographic.
While the debate over whether or not it’s good for kids to use social media platforms rages on, Facebook is expanding access to its new Messenger Kids app, making it available on Android devices in the U.S. via the Google Play Store.

The Android release comes amid controversy on two fronts for the youth-focused app.

On one side, more than 100 child development experts recently contributed to an open letter which calls on Facebook to shut down Messenger Kids, warning that the app is 'harmful to children and teens', and 'could undermine children’s healthy development'.
As Pinterest continues to evolve its search tools and boost its core functionality, it’s also working to provide more presentation options to make it easier for users to display their Pin content how they’d like.

Last November, Pinterest added new board ‘Sections’, which enables users to divide their boards into specific sub-groupings within the main topic. Now, Pinterest’s adding a range of new tools along similar lines, giving you more ways to customize your Pin set-up.

The first new option is the ability to archive your old Pinterest boards, which not only enables you to clean up your
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Pinterest profile presentation, but will also help in improving the relevance of your recommended Pins.
After Snap Inc. reported better than expected Q4 results earlier this week, Twitter has also beaten expectations with their latest numbers. Well, mostly – Twitter’s user growth problems returned, with another flat result – but the data from their ad business looks solid.
Instagram has updated its app to send notifications to users anytime someone screenshots their Stories – but you can still hide it.
After failing to live up to expectations in their first few earnings reports, analysts had been expecting more of the same from Snap for their Q4 numbers. But the formerly ephemeral content app surprised everyone with solid increases in both users and revenue - maybe not quite enough to say the app is fully back on track, and will be able to fend off continually increasing competition from Facebook, but the figures definitely show positive signs.

First off on users – Snapchat added 8.9 million more daily actives to take its total audience to 187 million.
The head of Twitter's AR/VR team announced today via a tweet that he is leaving the social media site after 18 months. Alessandro Sabatelli joined Twitter in June of 2016 after leaving a virtual reality startup he led which created music-focused VR experiences. Sabatelli had previously worked as a designer at Apple. We’ve reached out to Sabatelli for more details on what he’s up to next.