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Ollolai, a destination in the mountain region of Barbagia on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, is selling hundreds of abandoned homes for just €1 ($1.2).
It's not the first Italian town to try the gimmick, but it seems to be the first to live up to the promise. It's also got the beauty and history needed to draw people in.
The real estate bonanza comes with a catch, though. The 200 stone-built dwellings up for grabs are in poor condition and buyers must commit to a refurbishment within three years -- which will likely cost about $25,000.
Bombardier Inc. can start shipping C Series jets to Delta Air Lines Inc. as scheduled after a surprise ruling by a U.S. trade tribunal that said the proposed imports won’t hurt American industry.

U.S. companies and workers aren’t being harmed by sales of 100- to-150-seat aircraft from Canada, the International Trade Commission said Friday. The panel’s ruling blocks a Commerce Department decision last month to impose duties of almost 300 percent.

Friday’s vote deals a blow to Chicago-based Boeing Co., which said Bombardier sold the C Series in the U.S. at less than fair value while benef
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iting from government subsidies. The decision also opens the door for Bombardier to add new U.S. customers while potentially easing trade tensions with Canada and the U.K., where the company builds wings for the aircraft.
Before launching a new restaurant, a team of food geniuses labors in a hidden laboratory on a Walt Disney World back lot — we managed to sneak inside.
Splurging a million dollars on a ski trip may seem implausible, but it can be done with ease -- if you've got the cash to splash of course.
Because while the Alps and extravagance have always gone hand in hand, a batch of chalets and restaurants catering to the billionaire set have taken previously understated Alpine decadence to a whole new level of bling.

Where there were once wooden fondue rooms and raucous nightclubs, there are now crystal-encrusted showers, Krug and truffle picnics in the snow, burnished gold swimming pools and multi-Michelin star meals -- next to which the actual ski
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ing often pales by comparison.
So if you want to winter vacation oligarch-style, here's where to go and what to do.
For every primo travel destination, there’s a sweet spot to find it. Visit too soon -- say, before the airlines start offering half-decent service there -- and you’ll be forking over a stack of cash to ramble around a place without cell phone towers. Visit too late? Then you’re one of the waddling herd, overpaying for a beer, checking off a box because, well, everyone else has been, so why not you?

Better plan: Discover the places that don’t cost two months’ rent to fly to, yet haven’t gotten so overexposed that swarms of American tourists have descended and Instagrammed the lifeblood out o
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f it.
Slowly, over a dozen visits to Dalmatia, Croatia, writer Kristin Vuković grew to appreciate the sublime state of 'fjaka', in which a human aspires for nothing.
Last week, American Airlines CEO Doug Parker spoke to employees via the airline's Crew News and admitted that he'd never actually flown on one of its new 737 MAX planes.

These are the ones overstuffed with seats and enjoying toilets smaller than the ones you'll see in a dollhouse.

These are also the ones that don't have any seatback screens.

On the same Crew News chat, Parker was, as View From The Wing recounted, asked by a Flight Attendant why the airline was taking the screens away.

He admitted this saved the airline money. Not only is there less hardware and maintenance cost, bu
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t it also makes the airplane lighter.

Instead, the airline expects you to bring your own device, charge it -- if your seat has a working power outlet, that is -- and stream either your own movies or those the airline will offer.
While France is set to remain the world’s most popular tourist destination, Spain is expected to replace the U.S. as travelers’ second choice.

Each year, the United Nations’ World Tourism Organization puts out an analysis of international tourism growth in destinations around the world, and preliminary figures for 2016 already reveal global tourism has increased as much as 7% worldwide, with France and Spain taking the lead.
Singapore Airlines is introducing the new A380 to two new destinations: Hong Kong and London starting February 2018, joining Sydney.
Germany is officially the country with the most powerful passport in the world, according to the 2018 Henley Passport Index.

It's the fifth year in a row that the European country has topped Henley's list, which takes into account the number of countries a passport holder can visit without a visa.

German citizens can now visit 177 countries visa-free.
From Canada to Botswana, these six nations consistently rank highest for their progressive social policies, trust in government and effective justice system.
Ishigaki, a stunning white island in Japan's Okinawa archipelago, is the top trending travel destination for 2018 on TripAdvisor - but you'd be forgiven for never having heard of it.

The Japanese island has topped TripAdvisor's "Destinations on the Rise" list, which, as part of its sixth annual Travellers' Choice awards, used an algorithm that measured the year-on-year increase in positive TripAdvisor traveller feadback around accommodation, restaurants, and attractions, as well as increased booking interest.
We're a week into 2018, and with a new year comes new travel plans.

But before you book those plane tickets to that exciting new destination, there's one thing you need to do right now: Double check the expiration date on your passport.
There’s a lot that goes into making sure that every person who sets foot inside a Disney Park has a magical time, and a good amount of that responsibility rests on the shoulders of the company’s endless pool of talented employees (AKA cast members).

According to a former cast member, who wrote anonymously about her experience for PopSugar, there’s an endless number of rules that cast members must follow.

Check out what Disney Cast Members can and cannot say and do.
Baia was the Las Vegas of the Roman Empire – the place where the rich and powerful came to carry out their illicit affairs.
Want to know how to get an AA Cheap First Class ticket? Sometimes you just have to check. The price difference between economy and first class is often very minimal. Details here.
Kumamoto has seen its fair share of drama over the centuries – but perhaps most famously, it was the site of the final battle between 20,000 samurai and the ruling Meiji government.
This Tajik dish of rice, vegetables and usually meat, is said to bring families together, secure friendships and solve arguments – and may even have helped end civil war.
Many travellers believe Spain’s late mealtimes are a reflection of the country’s laidback attitude, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.
Understanding this word takes not a fluency in the language but rather a fluency in Mexican culture.
Tunisian authorities suspended all Emirates airline flights on Monday following the airline's decision to ban female Tunisian passengers flying to and through Dubai last week.
‘Uri’ isn’t a mere grammar point, it’s a cultural canon that captures the very essence of a nation.
As millions of pilgrims descend on the Iraqi city of Karbala for an annual event called Arbaeen, locals open their homes, kitchens and hearts to visitors.
Rotterdam is like Disneyland for architecture geeks. When you visit, you’ll likely go home and wonder why our cities can’t be a little more like this.
ORLANDO, FLA. - 'Tis the season to traditionally spend with family and friends and this year Americans are traveling in record numbers. AAA forecasts 107.3 million Americans will take to planes, trains, automobiles and other modes of transportation during the year-end holiday period from Saturday, Dec. 23 through Monday, Jan. 1. This will be the highest year-end travel volume on record and a 3.1 percent increase in travel volume compared with last year. 2017 marks the ninth consecutive year of
In the unfortunate yet current state of affairs, 2017 seems to be a year that presents a new and separate tragedy every month, be it an act of widespread violence, a natural disaster or political upheaval and hateful altercations between non-agreeing parties.
Long isolated from the rest of Greece, the Mani peninsula is home to a clannish community that claims warrior heritage.
The Hill of Crosses is steeped in legends of ghosts, miracles and heroic acts of defiance.
These round-the-world trips are an unforgettable chance to unplug and watch the miles go by as you see the world by air, sea or land -- with stops at some of the most spectacular places on Earth.
Mohammed Al Malaheem, 64, says guests sleeping in his converted jalopy in the Jordanian desert village of Al Jaya will enjoy a five-star experience.