Justice League artist Jay Oliva reveals that Superman was supposed to be unhinged by the end of the film in Zack Snyder's original plan. The first superhero ensemble film from Warner Bros. and DC Films, the project was plagued by several issues, including a director switch after original helmsman Snyder had to step down from directing duties and was replaced by Joss Whedon, who reshot the movie extensively.

Oliva worked with Snyder during the conception of Justice League but just like the filmmaker, he was no longer involved in the project when Whedon came into the picture to man the reshoots, as well as the film's post-production when the movie was significantly changed. That means that Oliva had a good idea of Snyder's full vision for the movie as the director usually maps out his story before going to production. In the past, he's confirmed that the final cut of Justice League was very different from how Snyder intended it to be. And now, he shares what would've been Superman's s
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tate of mind at the end of Snyder's initial version of the film.
Marvel fans may be looking forward to the release of the new superhero movie Venom – but for its star, Tom Hardy, it will be a bittersweet experience.

In an interview with ComicsExplained, Hardy admitted that all his favourite scenes had ended up on the cutting-room floor. When asked "What was your favourite scene to film?" he replied: "Things that aren’t in this movie."

The Taboo star continued: "There are like 30 to 40 minutes worth of scenes that aren’t in this movie... all of them. Mad puppeteering scenes, dark comedy scenes. You know what I mean? They just never made it in."
It's no secret that the DCEU has had a rough time ever since launching in 2013 with Man of Steel. While the franchise definitely has a passionate and vocal fanbase, aside from Wonder Woman, all of its entries so far have been met with mixed-to-negative reception critically, and Justice League ended up underwhelming commercially as well. Although the DCEU doesn't use "phases" like the MCU does, it's abundantly clear that Aquaman marks a new era for the franchise, emphasizing exploring different corners of this shared universe and not being as concerned with interconnectivity. But Joker is taking that a step further by completely distancing itself from the DCEU, leaving Joaquin Phoenix to take on Clown Prince of Crime duties while Jared Leto holds down the fort on the franchise side of things (and who may end up leading his own movie, too). And Joker might not be a one-time, experimental affair either, because it was also reported that this project would kick off a new production banner
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for one-off, non-DCEU movies in the vein of Elseworlds, the publishing imprint DC Comics classified many of its out-of-continuity stories for years. Thus far we haven't heard about any of these other kinds of movies, but Warner Bros may be waiting to see how Joker performs before green-lighting others like it.

Most devoted Grey's Anatomy fans can rattle off any number of facts about the show's title character Meredith Grey: grew up the daughter of brilliant, but austere, surgeon Ellis Grey, married former boss Derek Shepherd on a Post-it Note, considers Cristina Yang as her person, almost died from a bomb explosion, hypothermia, a plane crash and a rogue gunman.

But far less is known about the woman who deftly embodies her each week. Asked to name some details about Ellen Pompeo, your average viewer would probably know that she's a mom (she and music producer husband Chris Ivery, 51, share daughters Stella, 9, and Sienna, 4, and 21-month-old son Eli) and that she brilliantly negotiated her way to becoming the highest-paid actress on a TV drama. Other than that, well...she seems pretty cool.

She’s one of the highest-paid supermodels in the world, married to one of the highest-paid athletes. She can breastfeed one-handed while getting ready for a lingerie photoshoot, she meditates every day at 5 a.m., and her family is so health-conscious that her children don’t even want Halloween candy.

But Gisele Bündchen is ready to blow up the perception that her life is as perfect as it looks.

In a new memoir, Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life, the famously private Bündchen, 38, reveals that she once battled panic attacks and suicidal thoughts.

Brie Larson had an emotional experience the first time she donned the Captain Marvel suit, and the reason why is beyond touching.

With the premiere of the first trailer for Captain Marvel, fans are excited that they finally have footage to speculate over. Brie Larson herself is also excited as she finally gets to discuss some of her feelings about taking on the role.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actress spoke discussed having an emotional moment when donning the Captain Marvel suit for the first time.
Directors Joe and Anthony Russo are currently back to work for Marvel Studios' followup to Avengers: Infinity War, bringing the conflict between Thanos and Earth's Mightiest Heroes to a climactic finale.

The directors posted a cryptic photo from the set of Avengers 4, encouraging fans to look for clues, which prompted one to notice a familiar but mysterious object from the previous film.

When Captain America and his crew return to the Avengers complex after rescuing vision, James Rhodes AKA War Machine is in the midst of a tense conference call with General "Thunderbolt" Ross. This quick scene received renewed interest after fans noticed this strange piece of machinery on the set for Avengers 4 in the new photo.


Cary Joji Fukunaga, director of True Detective and Beasts of No Nation, will direct the 25th James Bond film. The movie is has a planned release date of February 14 2020, and will star Daniel Craig as the British spy.

ABC just revealed the celebrities competing on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars — and the names may surprise you!

The cast of the 27th season of DWTS, along with their pro dancer partners, appeared on Good Morning America on Wednesday to discuss the upcoming season.
Burt Reynolds, the wisecracking 1970s movie heartthrob and Oscar nominee, has died at the age of 82.

According to Us Weekly, he passed away in a Florida hospital of a heart attack, attended by his family.

The moustachioed actor had undergone heart bypass surgery in 2010. Reynolds is survived by his son, Quinton.

He starred in Deliverance, Smokey and the Bandit, Boogie Nights and The Cannonball Run.
Cate Blanchett will receive the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in Film from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Los Angeles (BAFTA Los Angeles) this year, the organization announced Thursday.


The airdate for Doctor Who series 11 has *finally* been revealed. Jodie Whittaker's first full episode as the new Doctor will air on Sunday, October 7 on BBC One. Yes, the BBC has officially confirmed that Doctor Who will be moving from its traditional Saturday night slot for the first time since the series was revived in 2005. The title of the season premiere has also been revealed: showrunner Chris Chibnall's episode will be called 'The Woman Who Fell to Earth'.

We finally have details on DC's upcoming streaming service. It's been a long time coming, but we're pleased to announce the service will be launching on September 15 (Batman Day!). DC Universe costs $7.99 monthly, or an annual membership of $74.99 per year. On the platform, viewers will be able to stream from two devices at once and purchase new comics directly. It offers access to original animated and live-action shows in addition to thousands of digital comic books, an encyclopedia, fan forums, news, and an archive of old shows and movies. New original series are expected to drop every Friday. However, international availability is still uncertain.

A final trailer has dropped for ‘The Predator’ just weeks before its release. The movie is directed by Shane Black (from a script he wrote with Fred Dekker) and features a cast that includes Boyd Holbrook, Sterling K. Brown (‘Black Panther’), Alfie Allen, Thomas Jane, Olivia Munn, Jake Busey, Jacob Tremblay (‘Room’), Trevante Rhodes and Keegan Michael-Key.

The Wrap compiles clues about next chapter in Ryan Murphy's horror anthology series ahead of "Apocalypse"s Sept. 12 premiere on FX.
The sixth and final season of "House of Cards," featuring Claire Underwood as president, will drop on November 2, Netflix announced Tuesday.
Carrie Fisher will appear in "Star Wars: Episode IX" after all, Disney announced Friday, using previously "unseen footage."
The Arctic Monkeys receive their fourth nomination as the Mercury Prize reveals its shortlist.
Kathryn Newton, star of HBO hit “Big Little Lies” and a slew of prestige films like “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” and the upcoming Julia Roberts film “Ben is Back,” will soon star in a Netflix series billed as “Lord of the Flies” meets “Lost,” TheWrap has learned.

Newton will play the lead in a forthcoming Netflix original from Chris Keyser (“Tyrant,” “The Last Tycoon”), an individual close to the project told TheWrap. Netflix and reps for Newton had no immediate comment.
The day after director James Gunn was dropped from Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise over offensive old tweets, “Thor: Ragnarok” director Taika Waititi has emerged as the fan favorite to replace Gunn on “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3.”

On Thursday, right wing Twitter personality Mike Cernovich started posting a series of Gunn’s old tweets, which Gunn soon deleted. Online sleuths subsequently dug up dozens of other old tweets, many from between 2008 and 2011.

Read more at: https://www.thewrap.com/taika-waititi-james-gunn-guardians-vol-3/
If ever you wanted proof that Zack Snyder's absence has been felt in the DC Expanded Universe, the tone of 'Shazam!' and the sheer brightness from 'Aquaman' sho
A big-screen transfer for Downton Abbey has been rumoured for almost as long as the show has been on television. But on Friday the movie was confirmed, with creator Julian Fellowes scripting, The Book Thief’s Brian Percival to direct and Universal Studios to distribute.

Production will start later this summer, with a release next year likely. Plot details remain under wraps, but it is expected the action will pick up directly from the last season’s finale, which was set in 1926.

Read more at: https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/jul/13/downton-abbey-film-confirmed-to-shoot-this-summer-with-series-cast-returning
The latest NSFW trailer for “The Predator” has been released and is just as violent as one would expect from the sci-fi thriller franchise.

In this two-and-a-half minute trailer, we get a tighter glimpse of the action, with a first look at the titular character, who looks just like the iconic beast that preyed on Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers and Shane Black back in the 1987 edition.

Read more at: https://www.thewrap.com/the-predator-trailer-shane-black-killer-action/
The recent high-profile shows on Netflix, ABC and FX aren't the first ones Marvel has taken to the small screen. Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, Blade and even knock-off-ish X-Men had a go before the current golden age. Here are all the Marvel shows, ranked from goofiest pajama costumes to best character-driven dramas.

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The Kevin Connolly directed biographical crime drama ‘Gotti’ was released on Friday and critics were, to put it mildly, underwhelmed. At the time of writing, which must be stressed, the movie has a duck egg on Rotten Tomatoes, which is actually quite a rare feat, and an average rating of 2.5 out of 10 from 23 reviews.

Metacritic has given it a slightly more generous 28% from 8 critics.

As we previously reported, the movie has had a rocky road in finding its way to screen. Just two weeks prior to its original release date the distributors, Lionsgate, sold the movie back to its producers. It has now been released by Vertical Entertainment and MoviePass Ventures.

Read more: http://entertainment.ie/cinema/news/John-Travoltas-new-mob-movie-Gotti-has-a-0-score-on-Rotten-Tomatoes/405980.htm
Dave Bautista has confirmed he will appear in both Avengers 4 and Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3. The actor plays Drax in the Marvel films and could last be seen disintegrating into a fine powder before disappearing completely at the snap of Thanos' (Josh Brolin) fingers.
'Solo: A Star Wars Story' fell far short of Disney's early expectations during a quiet Memorial Day weekend at the box office.
Somehow, John Wick: Chapter 3 just got even better. Sure, Keanu Reeves returning for a third round of tailored suits and blazing guns is exciting, but the rest of the cast is so good, they may just upstage him.
In fairness, we're pretty surprised that it took Billboard this long to bestow Janet Jackson with an 'Icon' award.

Nevertheless, the pop star received the honour at last night's ceremony and she also performed a short medley of hits that included 'Nasty', 'If' and 'Throb', although we would have liked to see more.
Yep, there are a total of five different Deadpool 2 post-credits scenes, and they're all wonderful. Spoilers ahead!
The audience at the world premiere sees Alden Ehrenreich living up to Harrison Ford's iconic role
If you’re thinking of creating your own film shared universe, the Russo Brothers have some advice after making ’Avengers: Infinity War.’
Avengers: Infinity War is becoming one of Marvel's biggest box office wins.

Disney announced Saturday that the movie is expected to cross the $1 billion mark in the global box office in a record-setting 11 days since its release.

This benchmark is the latest record set by the ensemble film, which began its run with a $250 million opening weekend that beat Star Wars: The Force Awakens' previous record of $248 million. And the tickets just kept selling, crossing the $800 million mark on Wednesday
Post-credits scenes have become a tradition in Marvel movies, to tease the next film up in the release docket. Here’s what happens at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, what it means for the next year of Marvel films, and what it could suggest about the Infinity War sequel in 2019.
Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 just doubled its pointy-ear budget. Following the arrival of the U.S.S. Enterprise and its early Captain, a fan-favorite director has confirmed Spock will be making an appearance in the show’s second season.
Robert Downey Jr.’s character could have acquired possession of the Infinity Stone through his father, Howard Stark. The films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are undoubtedly filled with ...
"Black Panther" will become the highest grossing superhero film on the domestic charts this weekend as "Pacific Rim" sequel opens to $25 million.
We all knew a change of the guard was coming. The Marvel Cinematic Universe can’t stay the same forever, and it’s been no secret that things will take a significant turn after the still-untitled Avengers 4. That change includes the end of numerous contracts, including the heart and soul of the MCU: Chris Evans’ Captain America.
MoviePass is reportedly preventing some of its subscribers from buying tickets to Jennifer Lawrence’s new action movie, seemingly as part of a negotiation strategy with the film industry. In this case, MoviePass users on Twitter have reported running into trouble trying to see Red Sparrow, which is blacked out in the MoviePass mobile app in some markets with a message that reads, “This movie is not supported by MoviePass.”
'Black Panther' director Ryan Coogler tweeted a touching thank you note to fans on Tuesday, celebrating the film's immense success to date.
Following a social media death hoax that lasted all afternoon, Sylvester Stallone proved he was still among the living Monday evening in an Instagram video.
Gigi Hadid has responded to body shamers who criticised her for looking too skinny during New York Fashion Week. The model said she has Hashimoto's disease, an autoimmune condition that can affect the body.
At least half a dozen Star Wars movies and TV shows are planned for the next several years. Here's a rundown of all of them.
Since Saturday morning when The New York Times published Uma Thurman’s depiction of assault at the hands of Harvey Weinstein, the writer/director most closely associated with her biggest successes has been the one taking a turn in the barrel. Quentin Tarantino, who directed Thurman in Pulp Fiction and two installments of Kill Bill, has been getting hammered on social media. The article reported — and showed footage — of a disturbing car crash that Thurman endured in the last days of production on Kill Bill, and it also detailed that he personally spit on her in one scene and choked her in another.
Since his last SNL cameo, Baldwin vocally supported Woody Allen and criticized actors denouncing the writer-director.
Uma Thurman detailed a pair of assaults she experienced during meetings with Harvey Weinstein in a new interview.
Bruno Mars running the table on his six nominations appears to be the perfect punchline to the 2018 Grammy Awards. The voters that comprise the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences found a way to puncture the seemingly progressive intentions of the nominating committees and deliver a win that reveals just how far the organization has to go before they’re truly woke.
Someone sound the alarm because supermodel, TV host and professional Twitter personality Chrissy Teigen is missing her toilet.

The 32-year-old, who is currently expecting her second child with husband John Legend, tweeted the strange tale on Thursday.
The use of MoviePass, the subscription that allows users to see a movie a day for under $10 a month, reportedly no longer works at previously compatible AMC locations. This restriction first appeared when a Twitter user asked the company's Twitter account about being unable to purchase a ticket with MoviePass at the AMC Empire 25 theater in New York City. MoviePass replied saying, "...We no longer work with that theater."
Macaulay Culkin recently refused to share details about his relationship with his goddaughter, Paris Jackson.

The “Home Alone” star was interviewed by Marc Maron in his WTF podcast (via E! News) and was asked about his close bond with Michael Jackson’s daughter. “I am close with Paris,” he said.

But before Maron could ask any more questions about the 19-year-old model, Culkin asked the host to not pry. “I’m going to warn you now I am very protective of her so just look out. I am a very open book when it comes to things but like with her, she is beloved by me,” he said.
Woody Allen released a statement on Thursday in response to his adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow repeating her accusations of sexual assault in an interview.
After a few missteps, actor Matt Damon on Tuesday finally said the right thing about Hollywood sexual harassment and assault.

″A lot of those women are my dear friends and I love them and respect them and support what they’re doing, and want to be a part of that change and want to go along for the ride, but I should get in the back seat and close my mouth for a while,” Damon said of the “Time’s Up” movement during an appearance on the “Today” show.

“I really wish I’d listened a lot more before I weighed in on this,” Damon continued. “Ultimately, what it is for me is that I don’t want to further anybody’s pain. With anything that I do or say, so for that I’m really sorry.”
Michael Wolff’s book detailing the turmoil within the White House during the first year Donald Trump’s presidency published on Friday.

“I hear that the president is very angry, or, let me be precise: I hear that he is truly bouncing off the walls,” Wolff says.
The 10 best TV shows to watch this January – from 'American Crime Story's take on Gianni Versace's murder to 'Portlandia's swan song.
Sony's "Slender Man" movie is "extremely distasteful," says the father of one of the girls who stabbed their classmate to please the fictional character.
Sky has released a trailer for “Melrose,” showing Benedict Cumberbatch as Patrick Melrose in the upcoming Sky and Showtime limited series.
The outspoken actress reveals Rodriguez played "mind games" with her during the making of "Planet Terror."

Rose McGowan’s memoir “BRAVE” is set to be released at the end of the month, and it promises to reveal a lot about the actress’ history battling sexual harassment and double standards in Hollywood, including the alleged rape by Harvey Weinstein during the 1997 Sundance Film Festival. In a new interview with Vanity Fair, McGowan teases the book by talking about a chapter in which she reveals the “mind games” Robert Rodriguez played on her during the making of “Planet Terror.”
Today in Excellent Opinions From Men, Bono has declared today's music is too "girly."

In an interview with Rolling Stone published on Wednesday, the U2 frontman was asked whether or not he believes a "rock and roll revolution" is around the corner, to which he replied "I think music has gotten very girly."
A polar limousine, ice skyscrapers in China, a New York snowstorm, Sitting Bull’s descendant at a pipeline protest, and a flying figure-skater … top photographers pick their coolest shot.
To be fair, "art" and "Star Wars" are hardly BFFs after the prequel trilogy.

When Vice Admiral Holdo used the last remaining Resistance cruiser to slice Supreme Leader Snoke's warship in two, did your entire theater collectively gasp? Or did someone stand up and shout "The sound is broken!" at the movie theater gods?

Apparently, the latter scenario has happened often enough to prompt a posted warning for moviegoers: Yes, the sound cuts out at one point. No, it's not a technical issue.

The scene occurs late in The Last Jedi. The First Order has almost snuffed out the last of an escaping wing of Resistance transports, so Holdo (played by Laura Dern) cooks up an inventive maneuver: She'll point the large decoy cruiser she's piloting directly at the pursuing First Order flagship and fire up the hyperdrive, wreaking havoc on the enemy warship and sacrificing herself in the process.
A look at the release calendar teases heists, horrors, hijinks – and, yet again, more superheroes than you can shake a stick at. There are extravagant blockbusters and shoestring indies, oddball discoveries and cozy comforts, and we are here for all of it.

Well – most of it. Some of it we're more here for than others. Below, a list of our ten most highly anticipated films of the next twelve months.
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Miss America suspends CEO in email flap; more are on the way
https://www.apnews.com/79eae844d140452c8a970be701d8c14aLink copied!
ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — The Miss America Organization suspended its CEO on Friday, less than 24 hours after leaked emails surfaced showing him and others disparaging the appearance, intellect and sex lives of former Miss Americas.

Sam Haskell said he will abide by the suspension, even while decrying the Huffington Post story on Thursday that publicized the emails as “unkind and untrue.”

“My mistake is a mistake of words,” Haskell wrote in a statement issued Friday night, shortly after the board suspended him indefinitely while it investigates the situation. “Much of what was reported is dishonest, deceptive, and despicable.

“The story is so unkind and untrue, and hurts me, my family, and the stewardship of this nonprofit,” he wrote. “Tho
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se who know my heart know that this is not indicative of my character, nor is it indicative of my business acumen.”

Yashar Ali, who wrote the Huffington Post article, defended its accuracy Friday night, saying he was given the emails by two sources “who felt that Mr. Haskell’s behavior was egregious.” Ali said he now plans to publish all the emails he received in a future story.

The Miss America Organization said its board “will be conducting an in-depth investigation into alleged inappropriate communications and the nature in which they were obtained.”

The statement came hours after 49 former Miss Americas signed a petition demanding the resignation of Haskell and other pageant officials, as did more than 1,600 state and local titleholders, contestants and pageant volunteers.

The Miss America Organization did not indicate whether Haskell would be paid during his suspension.

The emails included one that used a vulgar term for female genitalia to refer to past Miss America winners, one that wished that a particular former Miss America had died, and others that speculated about how many sex partners another former Miss America has had.
NEW YORK (AP) — Mariah Carey is determined to have a better New Year’s Eve than in 2016 — she is returning to “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest” after last year’s debacle.

The Grammy-winning singer’s live performance in Times Square on New Year’s Eve 2016 was marked by problems. She was visibly upset and at points stopped singing, despite a pre-recorded track playing in the background. The performance went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Afterward, Carey posted a meme of herself on social media with the message “(expletive happens).” But it also led to a public spat between the best-selling singer and dick clark productions as to who was at fault, with Carey’s camp charging sabotage with technical glitches, including faulty ear piece, and dick clark productions denying the claims and charging she hadn’t rehearsed enough.

Now, both sides have kissed and made up.
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Three opera singers and a classical musician say that world-renowned conductor Charles Dutoit sexually assaulted them — physically restraining them, forcing his body against theirs, sometimes thrusting his tongue into their mouths, and in one case, sticking one of their hands down his pants.

In separate interviews with The Associated Press, the accusers provided detailed accounts of incidents they say occurred between 1985 and 2010 in a moving car, the two-time Grammy winner’s hotel suite, his dressing room, an elevator and the darkness of backstage.
NEW YORK (AP) — The publisher of a new Richard Avedon biography says it will look into alleged inaccuracies raised by the late photographer's foundation, but rejected calls to withdraw the book.

Earlier this week, the Richard Avedon Foundation issued a long list of “exaggerations and inaccuracies” in “Avedon: Something Personal,” co-authored by Steven M.L. Aronson and former foundation head and longtime Avedon colleague Norma Stevens. The foundation is asking that the Penguin Random House imprint Spiegel & Grau cease publication of the book, which came out last month and draws upon interviews with many of Avedon’s friends and associates.
'Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again' trailer find Lily James joining previous stars Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, Amanda Seyfried and more.

The trailer for next summer's sequel Mamma Mia Here We Go Again has arrived, and there is singing and dancing and Cher!

The sequel will take place both in current day — with all the main cast from the original returning — as well as in the past, with Lily James (Baby Driver, Cinderella) portraying Young Donna.

Thought 'Rogue One' and 'Last Jedi' were mostly unrelated? Think again – there's an easter egg in Rogue One that sets up a major storyline in Last Jedi."
In an interview with 'Business Insider,' Damon said he thinks we should be talking more about men who haven't sexually harassed anyone."

Matt Damon needs to stop talking about sexual harassment until he actually gets it.

After a whole week of being lambasted by folks like Alyssa Milano following his unfathomably misinformed ABC News interview, the Hollywood star has more to add. More!
Dustin Hoffman is facing more allegations of sexual misconduct.

Variety reported accusations from three women against the legendary actor.
CNN has reached out to Hoffman for comment.

Cori Thomas says the actor exposed himself to her in a hotel room in 1980 when she was 16 and a friend of his daughter.

Melissa Kester told Variety that Hoffman sexually assaulted her at a recording studio. She says he was tracking audio for the 1987 film "Ishtar," and that she was a recent college graduate at the time.
Earlier this week, it was reported that some of the close-up shots in Blue Planet II, which returns on Sunday, were filmed in a lab, rather than in the wild. An exec producer of Blue Planet II reveals why not all of the series was filmed in the wild.
Fats Domino, one of the most influential rock and roll performers of the 1950s and 60s, dies aged 89.
George W. Bush famously turned to portrait painting as a hobby when he left office. Could President Donald Trump one day follow in his footsteps, encouraged by the recent sale of his drawing of New York City's Empire State Building for $16,000?
American author George Saunders has won the 2017 Man Booker Prize, a high-profile literary award, for his first novel, "Lincoln in the Bardo," - a fictional account of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln burying his young son.
A play parodying the lengths some Cubans will go to in order to earn a few tourist dollars set against the backdrop of socially critical graffiti is adding punch to Havana’s annual theater festival.

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