Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is officially free-to-play on PC and Mac, and a new, smaller scale battle royale mode has been added.


It’s a good thing our Power Rangers: All Stars tips, cheats and strategies are here to help you build the best possible team!

Battlefield 5’s campaign is split up into three "War Stories" set in North Africa, France and Norway. Unlike Battlefield 1’s six varied stories, these vignettes feel like all the World War II games that came before. Here’s our review of the single-player campaign for Battlefield 5, which publicly launches Nov. 20 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.
Users report a text message containing weird characters is enough to wreak havoc on the PS4.

Though numerous users have said they’ve been hit, the attack isn’t officially confirmed and Sony hasn’t given any kind of comment. To be on the safe side, users are suggesting that others change their message receipt settings so that only friends (or, more drastically, no one at all) can send them messages.

As I’ve had friend-only messaging enabled for a while, I can’t tell if this threat/exploit is legitimate, or if this is the way to thwart it. Numerous users in the PS4 subreddit say they’ve been hit, though, and many describe the same effects. The message attack appears to be similar to others seen in mobile platforms, where a message containing a string of characters (or a specific one) can shut down the hardware.

Battle Royale has been available on Android for some time now, but it was not freely available for download to everyone. That's now changed, as Epic has released the game on Android without the need for an invite. The beta had previously been invite-only, but as of today you can download it to any Android device for free, without waiting. Unlike most Android games, Epic isn't offering Fortnite through the Google Play store, but instead on its official site.
Ubisoft really wasn't joking around when it called the latest Assassin's Creed game an Odyssey. It's not just in the Greek tragedy-inspired story, the vast, vast map or the sheer number of hours you're going to sink into it. It's the journey. The journey from one Greek island to another, with dolphins and whales cresting the waves alongside your boat. It's about the journey across the stunning Grecian landscape, ranging from forests bearing autumnal hues, to the majestic white marble buildings nestled comfortably in the cities, and absolutely everything in between. Including an active volcano that you can swan dive into. But more importantly, it's also about the journey to discover who exactly you are in Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

Just under 19 hours after it went live, Destiny 2 Forsaken's raid has been defeated.Last Wish went live at 6pm UK time on Friday 14th September, and at around 12.45pm a day later, Clan Redeem finally finished the raid. It took 18 hours and 48 minutes, to be exact. That's the longest it's taken for a Destiny raid "world first" - even longer than vanilla Vault of Glass took.

Clan Redeem, playing on the PC version of the game, has now scored five world firsts in Destiny.
Pokémon Go remains one of the most recognizable mobile games around, but it definitely experienced periods of user decline over the past couple of years...
Fortnite’s new update introduces a grappling hook-like weapon that can attach to nearly any surface. With the push of a button, you can be lobbed into the air at high speeds, meaning that nobody is safe behind cover anymore.