Smart speakers have been called the Trojan horses of the smart home. They sit on your shelf, always listening for their wake word. They then send your queries and commands to the cloud, always learning more about you in the hopes of becoming even more useful. Amazon started the trend, first putting its Alexa assistant in the Amazon Echo, then the Show, Echo Plus, Dot, Tap, and Spot as well as allowing third-party device makers such as Sonos to have access.

The Google Home was next, followed by the Google Home Mini and Max, all of which feature Google Assistant and are making huge strides in the voice assistant market. They’re lagging behind the competition in some areas but dominating in others. Now it’s Apple’s turn, with the recently unveiled HomePod. Although we’ve only done preliminary tests of the latest smart speaker, we do have some idea about how these products will stack up against one another in terms of design, features, and pricing. Read on to find out more.

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