The BBC has a problem. For almost a century, the British broadcaster has run a variety of national and regional radio stations to great effect in the UK. Their influence, though, has waned in recent years as podcasts and music-streaming services have exploded in popularity. In response, the Beeb has embraced the podcast medium, packaging up new and long-time shows including The Archers, Desert Island Discs and The Infinite Monkey Cage. But the threat of Spotify, Apple Music and now YouTube Music still looms. What, if anything, should the BBC be doing to counter these apps? With BBC Sounds, the organization may have finally found its answer.

The new iOS and Android app, available today, will eventually replace iPlayer Radio. At its core, the service is still a hybrid radio and podcast player. The broadcaster, however, is changing the way it surfaces content to better match the experience found on major streaming services such as Spotify. There are Collections, for instance, with labels like Funny Chat, Upgrade Your Life, Live Sessions and Dance Mixes. The app has categories, too, including hip hop, classical, crime and science and technology. All of these contain a mixture of hand-picked podcast and on-demand radio.

Read more at: https://www.engadget.com/2018/06/26/bbc-sounds-on-demand-radio-podcasts-app/


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