2017 will go down in FMC Corp.'s(NYSE:FMC) history as one of its best years yet, what with the stock skyrocketing 67.4%. Bulls point at lithium as the stock's major driver last year, but FMC derives little sales from the chemical element that has seen its demand and prices soar in recent times as the adoption of electric vehicles gathers steam.

FMC shares, in fact, got their biggest kick in March 2017 when the company announced its intention to swap its struggling health and nutrition business and $1.2 billion in cash for DuPont's crop protection business. (DuPont is now known as DowDupont Inc. (NYSE:DWDP), after its merger with Dow Chemical.) That was a great move, but if you look at FMC's operational performance, you may begin to question the stock's run-up last year. You shouldn't, as the market is wisely betting on FMC's future.

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