The year was 1904, and Lizzie Maggie wanted to create a board game that acted as “a harsh criticism of wealth disparity.” Upset by the the inequality around her, Maggie aspired to ridicule and ondemn the dire outcomes of unbridled capitalism. So she constructed the Landlord’s Game, which intended to educate players on the rules and regulations of realty and taxation. Eventually, it ended up being the precursor to the game-which-nobody-ever-finishes, Monopoly.
Shortly after producing the game, Maggie told a reporter, “In a short time, I hope a very short time, men and women will discover that they are poor because Carnegie and Rockefeller, maybe, have more than they know what do to with.”


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    Ramesh 259 days ago Permalink

    So a game is encouraging people to steal?? Really?? OK... I like monopoly, but this thing made me crazy! Disappointing...

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    Leonardo 259 days ago Permalink

    It reminds me of New World Order...

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    Harisha77 259 days ago Permalink

    Whether you call it capitalism or globalization, it's the same...

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